Tuesday Lines

Two weeks left to qualify for the all-star game.  Some shaking out happening in terms of standings – the top 6 in each division qualify for the bracket, the bottom 4 in each division will go to the play-in round.

Game of the Week (early)

#4 Still L.O.S. (3-2) -3 vs #7 Binga’s (3-2):  A great contrast in styles between two top teams.  L.O.S. has a couple losses but no one doubts they’re one of the best teams in the league.  They hate when I mention it but they are 0-2 without Precious.  That isn’t to say they don’t have a lot of good players: in addition to Cheese, Mr. Stiffy is crushing the 2v2 league and Ali-luejah is one pin from an all-star spot.  I have no idea if they’ll have the whole team for this one.  Binga’s is carrying the torch for the old party squads.  Jerk is having a special season and holding things together with his number 2 bowler still injured.  Cookie and Hot Mango Mike have stepped up to fill the void (and bang the turkey).  Chernobes and PB&Jenny will need to come up big in this game for Binga’s to pull the upset.  The early time is a big advantage for LOS.

Early Games

Three Livers (2-2) -1 vs ICBING (2-2):  The Tuesday B division is pretty balanced.  ICBING rallied last week from 4-1 down to stay in the hunt with a .500 record.  Three Livers is also 2-2 but with a 30 pin better team average.  Peanut Gutter has the ability to take over in this game and take top point when he wants it but not sure if he’ll be interested, he picks and chooses when he wants to bowl well.  Wilma is still injured for 3L but they’re getting a huge contribution from Larry, the new guy.  Bernie vs Fabio is the matchup to watch.

#12 Saucy Posse (3-1) -7 vs Pinups (0-4): SauPo is back.  Last week they had their best game of the season and Hot Sauce and Walter started bowling like they are capable of.  They even put up a 720-something.  They could make a run at the B crown. The Pinups are the last Tuesday team without a win.  This doesn’t look like it will be their breakout night.

#3 Back in Black (3-1) -5 vs #5 Cunning Linguists (3-1): Well, Linguists, here’s your chance.  The CL’s did get a big win over Binga’s this year, but this is a chance for a true signature victory.  Can they hang with the top teams?  Col. Angus is going to need one of his annual monster nights, Gutterslut needs his Wednesday confidence, Pauly needs to stay positive if he has any early misses, La Ga needs to just bowl her game and Windiesel and EHD need to take advantage of their opportunities.  Bama put up an amazing 280 last week and is locked in.  Stevie Strikes and Gutterboy are amazingly still fighting to make the all-star team, but are both just one big night from making it.  Gutterboy’s Mom is an all-star lock.  T-Square’s last league game was over 140.  Back In Black, like all Tuesday A teams, can’t afford extra losses.  Again, the early game favors the favorite.

Late Games

#14 UREA! (3-1) -3 vs Splits Happen (2-2):  The Splits have been resilient, putting together big comebacks for a couple narrow victories and a 2-2 record.  That’s a good thing because this one looks tough.  UREA! would be 9 point favorites but are missing their Captain, J-Bird, and top bowler, T-$.  Knuckles, Rappopotamus and Steff Infection should be able to get it done for Big Yellow.

My Balls (2-2) -1 vs D-GUTS (1-3): My Balls took a tough loss last week with a game three teamwide collapse.  They did have some highlights – DC Lane went over 200 and Rambler returned.  They should have enough to get by a struggling D-GUTS squad.  Old Thumper has been having a solid season but Captain Collection has yet to get his groove going.  No time like the present – a big night here could get them a win.

Incredibowls (3-1) -5 vs #17 N.E.D. (3-1): The winner here stays in first place in Tuesday B.  NED is playing shorthanded for the foreseeable future with Shifter Pawl doing ‘tug porn’ and Dirty Sylon on a multi-week bender.  The Incredibowls will do anything to win this year.  They brought in Boston’s headphoned Channel 13 teammate, God of Thunder, and last week even brought in one his biggest Media rivals, Hi Def from Fox 23.  If they add Spidey or Beancounter, look out.  As it is they should cruise to 4-1.

#6 Turkey Club (3-2) -5 vs #15 Nutz (2-2): The Nutz held on last week for a huge and much needed win.  They face a much tougher test this week moving back to division play.  The Club should be able to take this one down, but they are somewhat unpredictable.  Tango is quietly (weird, right?) having an incredible season and Bora Bora is current bowler of the week.  Bustah will need something in the neighborhood of a 700 series to pull off this upset.

#8 Off Constantly (1-3) -5 vs #18 Strikes of Hazzard (1-3):  OC broke out of their slump in a big way with a 14-1 thrashing of then undefeated GOB.  Now they look primed to start picking up some wins as their schedule lightens up a bit.  Hazzard survived Y&B to pick up a win last week, but like OC, has yet to win a game against a Tuesday team.  One of them will get their first tonight.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday Lines

    1. You’re probably right, LOS only chokes in the playoffs, this is the regular season. Still, I stand by my prediction.

      1. Standing by a prediction under a false name isn’t really putting yourself out there……

      2. It’s Tango, no one reads it if they see it’s my name that posted. Plus, everyone loves an upset, I figured that name would do the trick.

      3. We have been angered. Prepared to be crushed Bingas! This ain’t Yankee Lanes, these guys haven’t done shit in this building.

        Chris and Kerry

  1. I see the LOS towers crumbling at Binga’s feet, a la BoPo V playoffs, first round. Binga’s 8, LOS 7.

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