Thursday Lines

Game of the Week

Yay! (3-1) -5 vs TDYOB (4-1): Well it’s a weak crop of matchups so this game gets it by default.  This is still a battle for first.  TDYOB is producing children at a record pace, so they will be missing 40% of their squad.  Yay! shouldn’t have a ton of difficulty with this one, but TDYOB never goes down without a fight.  Yao should battle Thunder, and TDYOB really needs a big game from Space Farmer to compete with Bombpop.  The Yay! ladies have been spectacular and both look like all-star locks.  They should be the difference even if TDYOB plays well.

Early Games

Bowlderdash (1-3) -7 vs Bad News Spares (0-4): Well it’s the lowest average vs the third lowest average.  Maybe these team will inspire each other to greatness.  I’m still looking forward to the Bad News Spares baseball unis.

Clockwork Oranges (3-1) -1 vs Happy Hands (2-2): An old rivalry renewed.  This game looks like a pretty close one on paper and these two team traditionally play each other close.  The teams are only separated by 10 pins in team average, and they both need a win to stay in the hunt for the division crown.

Wrecking Balls (4-1) -1 vs Lesbowlians (1-3): Still hard to believe the Wreck is in first place, but there they are at 4-1.  The Lesbowlians are coming off their first win of the year, but they are only 10 pins worse in team average.  Dude and Dude Jr are forming a solid 1-2 punch for the leaders.  Lesbowlians would love another 200 game from Stayfree.

Guns of Brighton (3-1) -9 vs Snakes on a Lane (0-5): The Guns have had a week off to stew on their blowout loss to OC, and are eager to turn things around.  The Snakes would love a week off (though their numbers are slowly sneaking up).

Late Games

Guacabowle (3-1) -3 vs Lovernauts (2-3):  Guac is feeling pretty good about themselves with a 3-1 start.  They’ll have a fun match on their hands tonight against a very unpredictable Lovernauts squad.  Well, their bowling is unpredictable, but their partying is like clockwork.

Cape Fear (3-2) -3 vs Pinny Candy (0-4):  This game doesn’t look close on paper, but maybe Pinny Candy is ready to breakthrough.  They were actually the closest Thursday team to pulling off a win falling 8-7 last week.  Cape Fear is a good team but isn’t always sure of themselves.  They should have enough to win, but something feels weird about this game.

Young & Bowled (2-3) -1 vs Sweet Rolls (0-5): The Sweet Rolls are usually a .500 team and aren’t used to starting so slowly.  They do have a chance to break though here with Y&B’s up and down play of late.  Y&B really needs a win too, though, so they won’t go down easy.  They could really use Senator ITZ coming back.

B.U.I. (3-2) -3 vs I.B.S. (0-4): The initials battle.  I.B.S. must be a little p.o.’d watching this new squad get wins while they are still s.o.l. on the victory front.  Snapshot looks like the game m.v.p., but Oolie hopes to come back to life and have one more night as b.m.o.c.





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