Thursday All-Star Rosters

First, both Michael Bowlton and The Package can not attend, so I let Mr. Pickles pick up any Thursday player he wanted for the all-star roster, he selected Roy Munson.  Then he selected these teams.

Team 1: E-Minor, Yao Romo, Bowltron 3030, Ralphie, Hootie

Team 2: Mr Pickles, Jewdy, Dr. Thunder, Mona Laudley, Sea-Town

Team 3: Pistol Pete, Probie, Snapshot, Rufio!, Tilt-A-Whirl

Team 4: Hot Pocket, Sparetime, Roy Munson, Hexy, Gutterboy’s Mom**

2 thoughts on “Thursday All-Star Rosters

  1. When it is no longer time to make the donuts will we see JJ’s power squads soon??????

    I smell a 300 out of Team 2……….

    Tall task, but Thursday is gonna be game!

    Roll Thursday!!!!!!!!

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