Thursday Lines

It’s true, I have all-star fever, but there are still plenty of games tonight for Thursday teams before they rally together to face Tuesday.

5pm tonight Walter vs Oz, one game bowloff to get the final all-star spot.

Game of the Week

TDYOB (4-2) -3 vs Y&B (4-3): Both teams need it and have been trash talking their way towards it.  Y&B Cap Pistol Pete turned down an offer to sign with TDYOB in the preseason, will he regret it?  Lou Dawg claims he has a “Dr’s appointment” tonight, and Dr. Thunder doesn’t disagree.  Roy Munson was a last minute all-star pick so should be back on top.  Well, that plus having another healthy daughter, but seriously, all-star!  Y&B really need the Senator to show – if so this could be a great match.

Early Games

Yay! (5-1) -9 vs I.B.S. (0-6): Thursday hasn’t suited I.B.S. yet, as they are still looking for their first win.  Meanwhile Yay! is the only team with 5 all-stars thanks to Probie’s final week push.  Looks like a pretty big mismatch.

T N.E.D. (3-3) -3 vs TH Lesbowlians (2-4): N.E.D. continues along without their ace, but did get some good news when Dirty Sylon made the rookie all-star game.  Now they travel to Thursday to face a hungry Lesbowlians squad and their all-star representative Tilt-A-Whirl.  N.E.D. has the advantage on paper, but This game has some potential for third game heroics.

TH Lovernauts (2-4) -1 vs T Splits Happen (2-4): These teams are almost identical statistically; same record, team averages within 4 points.  The Lovernauts are the home team, though, and would love to give Thursday something to cheer about.  Maybe Saw gets another bowloff opportunity before he makes his all-star rookie game appearance.  They win a tight one.

T ICBING (4-2) -3 vs TH Happy Hands (4-2): Just like the Lovernauts/Splits game, almost identical teams on paper; same record, team averages within 4 points.  Both also had potential all-stars that couldn’t play, though Peanut Gutter would have had to get voted in (Sasha did get voted in but will be gone).  ICBING brings their pitchers of kamikazes to a new night, and may get even looser playing on a Thursday.

Late Games

T Saucy Posse (5-1) -9 vs TH Clockwork Oranges (4-2):  This is that annual Clockwork game where most of their team is at a film festival.  They may have been outgunned beforehand but now it looks like it could be a blowout.  What will be exciting is SauPo cap Walter rolling a one game bowloff vs Oz at 5pm  with the winner getting the last all-star spot for Tuesday.

T UREA! (4-2) -1 vs Guacabowle (4-2):  UREA! is the heavyweight in this match, but they are on enemy turf and Guacabowle has been finding ways to grind out wins, often in dramatic, come from behind fashion.  UREA! did let a 7-3 lead slip away in their last game.  Hmmm.  Look for Sparetime and crew to make a run in this one late.

Snakes on a Lane (0-6) -3 vs Pinny Candy (0-6): Finally, one of those four winless Thursday A teams will get into the win column.  Both teams have been surprises with their win-loss records.  The Snakes have shown signs of life the last couple of weeks, while Pinny Candy has lost their top player, so I pick the Snakes to break out leaving only 4 winless BoPo squads.

G.O.B. (6-1) -3 vs B.U.I. (4-3):  B.U.I.’s record is only so-so, but they are a dangerous team with a lot of capable rollers.  G.O.B. beter not be looking ahead to next week’s Yay! showdown or they will get tripped up.  Between them these two teams have 6 players in the all-star weekend festivities, so lots of stars to watch.





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