Game of the Week

Guns of Brighton (6-1) -1 vs Yay! (6-1): I wavered a few times on this one.  This is the game both of these teams have been looking forward to all season.  They have separated themselves from the Thursday pack a little and now battle for Thursday supremacy.  Then there is the internecine aspect – all five ‘departmetns’ of Bayside Bowl are represented n this contest.  GOB has mechanics (Invisible Hand), kitchen (Bowltron 3030) and bar (Hootie) vs Yay!’s front desk (Ralphie) and waitstaff (Mona Laudley).  That’s a lot of bragging rights on the line.  Oh, plus 11 all-stars combined, including Thursday’s top dawg (Mr. Pickles). Very even matchups all through the lineups, so if forced to make a pick I’ll just bet on the top bowler in the contest.

Early Games

Lovernauts (2-5) -3 vs Lesbowlians (2-5):  This is actually a somewhat big game for both teams.  The top 6 in their division avoid the Sunday shootout and both these teams need the win to stay out of the bottom group.  Lovernauts are streaky, I predict a hot streak tonight.

Snakes on a Lane (0-7) -1 vs I.B.S. (0-7):  Well someone’s going to get a win tonight, and the champagne will be flowing.  Both of these teams have had some success in the past but are struggling through rebuilding years.  I’ll go with the Snakes because I.B.S. isn’t used to starting at 5:45.

Wrecking Balls (5-2) -3 vs Happy Hands (5-2): This is definitely the game of the week in the B division.  These teams are tied for first and each would take control with a win here.  The Dude let a lead and a win slip away last week but has vowed not to bench Dude Jr this time.  The two are pushing each other to much better scores.  The Hands are being led by Munj. with Mookie Oak also performing well.  Captain Sasha is in Mexico though, so Balls may jump on that disorganization.

Late Games

Pinny Candy (1-6) -1 vs Sweet Rolls (0-7): Pinny Candy broke through last week, leaving only four winless teams.  Sweet Rolls had a week off.  Well Rolls, this is a good shot to breakthrough.  The Candies won’t go down easy though, they’d like to build on their momentum.  I’ll pick the team that has a win in a nailbiter.


5 O’Clocks (2-5) -3 vs Bad News Spares (0-7): Well Spares, here’s your game against the 2nd lowest average in the league, so it may be your best chance.  The Bad News Spares are looking for some movie magic in this one.  The 5 O’s are on a slide but could turn thing around a bit with a win here.  The bottom four teams in Thursday B play Tuesday A teams in the Sunday shootout, so avoiding the bottom is big.


Guacabowle (4-3) -3 vs Bowlderdash (3-5):  The top fan vote getters for Thursday all-stars were Sparetime, captain of  Guac, and Michael Bowlton, captain of Bowlderdash.  Of course neither could make it to the game but these are clearly some well liked guys and teams.  Guac is getting a lot of unsolicited votes for team of the year, and Bowlton has already won a Captain of the Year award.  These teams will probably really like each other, and in the end Guac walks with a victory.


Roll Another (4-3) -1 vs Clockwork Oranges(4-3):  I’m not sure who’s in town for the Oranges, but they should at least have Coco Lopez who has stepped in and given the lineup an anchor.  Yes, the same Coco Lopez who’s been to the finals with BEER and quarters with GOB is on her third squad.  She’s used to winning.  Roll Another has lost games they should have won and pulled some upsets.  They have enough to win this one, but we’ll see if they come through.


TDYOB (4-3) -1 vs Cape Fear (5-2):  Fear’s E-Minor is the hottest bowler on Thursday, making a second half run at MR. Pickles for the top spot. His teammate Hot Pocket is also playing well but has grown reclusive, withdrawing from the all-star game for mysterious reasons.  TDYOB’s Dr. Thunder is certainly not reclusive, and he will boom and battle with these two all-night.  He’ll need his teammates Munson and Farmer to bowl like they have been in 2v2, where they are posting some huge games (including a combined 471).  Sneaky Pete’s steady improvement may be the difference in this close match.

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