Tuesday Lines

Five more crossover games between Tuesday A and Thursday A, with Tuesday A currently 9-0.  Will any Thursday team be able to break the streak?

Game of the Week

TU-#4 L.O.S. (5-3) -3 vs TH-#16 B.U.I. (4-4): I know this looks like a ridiculous choice, but what if I told you Mr. Stiffy and Precious would both miss the game?  That’s what my sources tell me and if so it opens the door for a potentially exciting match.  Snapshot will need to show up big to keep Double Cheese from running away with things, then he needs big support from Hexy and The Duke.  It’s a longshot, but it’s possible, and considering the Tuesday dominance so far, a potentially close matchup is good enough for game of the week.

Early Games

TU-#8 Binga’s (4-4) -11 vs TH-I.B.S. (0-8): IBS is one of the last two winless squads.  Things don’t get any easier for them with this matchup.  Binga’s is coming off the bye week and still licking their wounds after losing 15-0 two weeks in a row.  They may take it out on I.B.S.  Sorry guys.

TU-#2 Back in Black (7-1) -7 vs TH-#6 Cape Fear (6-2): Well this game does feature the two hottest bowlers in the league in Stevie Strikes and E-Minor. I expect to see some huge battles between the two, but Fear’s problem is that Stevie will be joined by Bama and Gutterboy with all three likely to push or break at least 600 series.  Cape Fear is looking like a real contender on Thursdays, but this is too tall a task.  Of course I said that for last year’s playoff match between these two and Cape Fear pushed BIB to the limit, so mayb e that happens again.  BIB hasn’t forgotten.

TU-#15 Nutz (3-5) -5 vs Sweet Rolls (1-7):  Huge win for the Sweet Rolls last week, breaking into the win column with a bowloff win over Pinny Candy.  Maybe that will give them some confidence to take on a Tuesday squad.  The Nutz just need wins and this is a good opportunity for them to pick one up.

#11 UREA! (6-2) -3 vs My Balls (4-4): Perhaps the most impressive thing about UREA!’s turnaround this season is that T-$ hasn’t really found his stroke yet.  Newcomers Rappopotamus and Steff Infection have been a huge boost, and the J-Bird/Knuckles combo has been solid.  When T-$ finds it, look out.  My Balls are always in tight situations, and are, appropriately, sitting at .500.  This would be a huge win for The BarryBubbles.

Thursday Games

TU-Strikes of Hazzard (2-6) -5 vs TH-Snakes on a Lane (1-7):  A couple of desperate teams here.  Hazzard had a nice little two game win streak and came within two pins of taking down SOD, but are back to losing again.  Snakes got a breakout win last week against another winless squad.  I’m not sure they can follow that up with a win over a Tuesday team.

ICBING (4-4) -3 vs Pinups (2-6): The Pinups have battled back from the dead and are starting to look a little dangerous.  ICBING is generally oblivious to who they are playing.  They will ride their kamikazes to another win here.

#7 Saucy Posse (7-1) -3 vs #20 NED (5-3):  This one could have been game of the week.  SauPo is on fire right now, and keep climbing the rankings all the way up to #7 with their 7-1 record.  They are on the verge of clinching their division (which is huge for them since Walter will miss round one of the playoffs).  NED has recovered from their loss of the Shifter to climb back in to the top 20, and they could really shake up the B Division race with a win here.

#17 Incredibowls (6-2) -3 vs Three Livers (5-3): A couple of teams with winning records in a surprisingly big B Division battle.  Newcomer Larry has been huge for Three Livers, but in a big game like this the veterans Bernie and Wilma need to step up.  The Incredibowls just find ways to win, like every year.  I think they’ll do it again, narrowly.

Splits Happen (3-5) -3 vs D-GUTS (2-6): Xander tore it up for Splits last week with a 225 average, but the team went down 8-7.  D-GUTS is still mathematically alive to escape the Bottom 4 and the Sunday shootout, but a loss here would lock them in.



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  1. Oolie gonna show????? Spooky only missed one match after having her THIRD kid!!!!!! That’s right Attie been rocking the lanes with TDYOB. Although we are 2-0 with her so she is looking at getting cut!

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