Lines and Tourney Implications

Anyone else have playoff fever?  Still two weeks left that could shape a lot of the bracket.  Speaking of brackets, this year we will do a live unveiling of the matchups on Sunday, April 7 at 3pm at Bayside Bowl after the Sunday Shootout.  Come check it out, find out your path to the finals, fill out a bracket for the pool.

All crossovers tonight.  Tuesday A leads Thursday A 18-2, Tuesday B leads Thursday B 15-5

Game of the Night

TU-My Balls (5-5) -1 vs TH-Clockwork Oranges (6-4): Had to reach a bit for this one.  Most of tonight’s games look like blowouts, though, so I’ll take this close one which means a lot at least to My Balls hopes.  They are in a three way tie for two tickets to the tourney.  They really want to avoid the Sunday Shootout so they don’t need someone else to feed the horses.  Clockwork is in the tourney, but could still move up or don in the standings quite a bit.

Early Games

TU-Back In Black (9-1) -11 vs TH-BUI (4-6): Not a lot of drama expected in this one.  Last week the lowest of 9 men’s games for BIB was a 208.  The biggest question in this one is can Bama, Stevie or Gutterboy temporarily take top average with the top three averages all playing Thursday.  BUI is locked into the Thursday A #6 spot, and can just use these last two weeks to prep for the big dance.

TU-Hazzard (3-7) -7 vs TH-Sweet Rolls (2-8):  Both teams will be in the Sunday Shootout, but Hazzard is playing for their Tuesday A future.  If they get last they will be moved out of the division for 2014.  Sweet Rolls have won 2 of 3 after an 0-7 start and would love to get more of the taste of winning before trying to play their way in to the tourney.

TU-UREA! (8-2) -9 vs TH-5 O’Clocks (3-7):  UREA is still fighting for the Tuesday B crown.  They did hand Saucy Posse their only loss so they’d win it in a tiebreaker if SauPo ever loses again.  The 5 O’s are facing a must win to avoid the Sunday Shootout, but this one is going to be pretty tough to pull off.

TU-ICBING (5-5) -1 vs TH-Roll Another (5-5):  Pitchers of kamikazes for everyone?  ICBING needs this game more so I’ll give them the slight edge.  Roll Another is jockeying for position a little but are pretty much locked in to their spot.  They’d like to get a win for Thursday, though.

Late Games

TU-Nutz (4-6) -1 vs TH-Cape Fear (6-4):  If Thursday A was still winless then this would have been game of the night as it looks like a very close match.  Both teams pretty much know their tourney fate, with the Nutz heading for the Sunday Shootout.  The Nutz would love a big win over a tourney team before then.  E-Minor back in chasing mode falling just behind Mr. Pickles for Thursday’s Top Dawg Award (Beta Dawg?)

TH-Guacabowle (7-3) -1 vs TU-Splits Happen (4-6): Guac brings their good cheer show to Tuesdays looking to build on their franchise record fro wins.  Splits has been a miracle team and still has a shot to avoid the Sunday Shootout if they win their final two games.  Don’t count them out.

TU-D-Guts (3-7) -1 vs TH-Lovernauts (4-6): The Lovernauts can clinch a tourney spot with a win tonight, and ar eexcited to be travelling to Tuesday for some off night dancing.  D-GUTS has been showing sings of life mostly from Old Thumper.  He may have enough to carry them to a narrow win in this one.

TU-Incredibowls (8-2) -7 vs TH-Lesbowlians (2-8):  This one looks like a bit of a mismatch.  The Incredibowls have morphed into a media league crew and gone 8-2 with the new players.  The Lesbowlians have run into a tough losing streak.  This doesn’t seem like the game where they’ll break it but stranger things have happened.

TU-Off Constantly (5-5) -13 vs IBS (0-10): Tough year for IBS, and it doesn’t get any easier tonight against a resurgent OC squad.  OC dug a big hole this year and probably needs to win this one AND next week’s match with Back In Black to avoid the Sunday Shootout.





5 thoughts on “Lines and Tourney Implications

  1. Hexy is the only one on BUI to score a point against BIB. Hexy has also decided to talk about herself in the third person.

    1. Hopefully this wasn’t for low point in one of the games, nothing worse than getting beat by 6 other bowlers, and all the people on your own team and then saying, “Well at least I won my point.”

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