LInes and So Much More

First some housekeeping.

Team Photos: Next Thursday is the day for Col. Angus’ Class Photo shoots.  It’s $20/team, and will be very cool.  Talk to him tonight for more info.

Bowling Ball: I’ll be giving out postcard/invitations tonight, the party is on 4/20, it’s the biggest day on the BoPo calendar, be there!

Your Info: Over the last two weeks I’ll be circulating a form to get email info from your teams.  I use that email list to let folks know of all league info, offseason tourneys, occasional BoPo only specials and whatnot. 

Game of The Night

TU-Sons of Danarchy (9-1) -5 vs TH-Guns of Brighton (8-2):  Game of the night based on the combined 17-3 record of these teams.  SOD has been a juggernaut this season and is winning games before they’re even played with their intimidating scores.  Half of GOB thinks they have no chance, but Bowltron 3030 and Pickles know no fear.  S.O.D. did give up an early 5 points to Y&B last time they came to Thursday.  GOB needs to take advantage of the home court and pounce early to give themselves a chance.

Early Games

TH-YAY! (8-2) -1 vs TU-XXX Club (3-7):  I have no confidence in this pick.  That’s mostly because YAY has no confidence in themselves when they face the Club.  The Yay dudes have been whipping boys for the Club dudes for years, losing in every forum from CascoBay sports to 2v to BoPo.  I’m still picking them because Mona and Ralphie are not intimidated and have been rolling great.  Plus it would just be too big indictment of the power balance between nights if a team struggling to stay on Tuesday A can handle Thursday A’s best.  One last thing…Yay may want to be careful because if XXX Club does end up in last on Tuesday A next year they’ll be in Thursday A.

TU-Pinups (2-8) -7 vs TH-Bad News Spares (0-10): Bulge Temptingly vs Gutterpussy!

TU-No Eye Deer (6-4) -9 vs TH-Bowlderdash (3-7): NED hung on during Shifter’s absence but is a much stronger team with him. Hopefully he’s dropping knowledge on them because I understand he’ll be gone for most of the playoffs.  The life of a tugger.  Bowlderdash needs this to stay out of the Sunday Shootout.

TU-Saucy Posse (9-1) -5 vs TH-Happy Hands (8-2): A battle of the B Division leaders.  SauPo needs this game as they will be missing Walter and N Sauce for the 1st round of the playoffs and the better they finish the weaker their opponent.  Happy Hands is on a magical ride, winning a ton of games, and even with the loss can clinch the division crown with a Wrecking Balls loss (or a win over the winless Bad News Spare next week). They’d rather just win it outright.. Quite an unexpected season from them.

Later Games

TU-BEER (8-2) -3 vs TH-TDYOB (6-4): I received an email this morning (surprisingly not from Dr. Thunder) letting me know that today Miller High Life became the Official Beer of Bowling.  Quoting Brendan Noonan, “With more than 46 million adult bowlers nationwide and more people bowling everyday, this partnership allows bowlers to celebrate their love of the lanes with the Champagne of Beers”.  Could there be a better omen for TDYOB, the league’s number one drinker of Miller High Life?  They are primed for BEER tonight and looking to make a pre-tourney statement.  BEER did cough one up the last time they came to Thursday, but that probably is not helpful to TDYOB because now BEER will be on guard against the letdown.

TU-Binga’s (5-5) -11 vs TH-Snakes on a Lane (1-9): Binga’s had a huge setback last week but can play themselves back into the tourney with a couple of wins.  That’s bad news for Snakes as Binga’s needs to go for the win.  Jamaican Jerk is still battling for the Top Dawg and will look to post some big scores and have the lead going into the final week.

TU-L.O.S. (6-4) -11 vs TH-Pinny Candy (2-8): Another tough draw for Thursday as Pinny Candy faces an angry L.O.S. team coming off a beatdown from BIB.  They’ll take it out on PC and set up their final week showdown with BEER (to see who’s number three heading into the tourney).  Pinny Candy is still in good shape to get the top Thursday B shootout spot.

TU-Linguists (6-4) -5 vs TH-Young & Bowled (5-5):  Quietly interesting game.  The Linguists have been completely under the radar but could be at 7-4 in the tough Tuesday A division with a win here.  Y&B is streaky, and they definitely play to their opponent.  Will they get themselves up for this game?  Pistol and the Senator need rebound weeks, and Lou Dawg would have to sprinkle a little magic, but it wouldn’t be a total shock if this game was a close one.

TH-Wrecking Balls (7-3) -1 vs TU-Three Livers (5-5):  Big game for both teams.  The Livers need it in their quest to stay out of the shootout.  The Wreck need it to keep alive their faint hopes of a division title.  The Balls’ Dude Jr has been leading the way, with Dude and Swing ably backing him.  Three Livers sports Larry, the top bowler in the match, with the veteran presence of Bernie, Wilma and Pearl.  This will be a fun throwback game between two original franchises.



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