What’s At Stake Edition

First off a reminder Col. Angus’ traveling team photo booth will be operational tonight from 4ish? to 730ish?  Hit him up.

Lots on the line tonight.  #1 overall seed, one team getting removed from Tuesday A, the Tuesday B division title, a 5 way race for Top Dawg.  Good times.  So the lines just list what’s at stake in each game.


Game of the Night

Back in Black (10-1) -5 vs Off Constantly (6-5): Back in Black wraps up the number one overall seed with a win (or SOD loss).  Bama and Steve have an outside shot at the Top Dawg award (Bama did roll a 278-289 back to back in 2v2 yesterday so it’s definitely within striking distance).  OC needs a win to avoid the Sunday Shootout.

Early Games

XXX Club (3-8) -1 vs Strikes of Hazzard (4-7): XXX Club will move to Thursday A next year with a loss.  Hazzard will move to either Thursday A or Tuesday B with a loss.  Winner can stay in Tuesday A if they want to.

Binga’s (6-5) -5 vs Nutz (4-7): Binga’s clinches a tourney spot with a win and an OC loss to Back in Black.  Jerk leads Hungus by .7 pins for the Top Dawg award.  The Nutz will be in the Sunday Shootout regardless.

Three Livers (6-5) -3 vs My Balls (5-6): Huge jam up in Tuesday B.  Three Livers can clinch a tourney spot with a win.  My Balls can possibly get a tourney spot with a win, definitely in the Sunday Shootout with a loss.  Larry from 3 Livers get’s another opportunity to make his case for rookie of the year.

Splits Happen (5-6) -1 vs Pinups (3-8): Splits could finish at .500 and get a tourney spot with a win and a little help.  Pinups are locked into their position.

BEER (9-2) -1 vs LOS (7-4):  BEER is locked in as the 3 seed for the tourney.  Hungus trails Jerk by .7 for Top Dawg.  LOS’ Double Cheese has an outside look at it if Hungus and Jerk falter.  LOS will finish 4th with a win, 4th or 5th with a loss.  Either way in the same section of the tourney bracket.

Late Games

NED (7-4) -5 vs DGUTS (4-7): Not much at stake here.  NED is locked in as Tuesday B #4, DGUTS is in the Sunday Shootout.

UREA! (9-2) -1 vs Incredibowls (9-2): A couple of great records.  UREA can win Tuesday B with a win and a Saucy Posse loss.  The Incredibowls would lose a tiebreaker to SauPo but can get 2nd place with a win.

Saucy Posse (10-1) -3 vs ICBING (6-5): SauPo clicnhes the division with a win, and gets the much easier B Champ bracket in the tourney.  ICBING clinches a tourney spot with a win, and could end up in the Sunday Shootout with a loss.

Sons of Danarchy (10-1) -5 vs Cunning Linguists (7-4):  SOD can win the division with a win and a Back in Black loss.  They can’t finish worse than 2nd.  Either way they are on opposite sides of the bracket from BIB.  The Linguists could move up to 4th, but will finish no worse than 5th unless OC wins (which could push them to 6th).


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