The Playoffs

Great play-in action today, including a thrilling bowloff between Larry and Oolie.  Larry won to avenge a game 2 237-232 loss.  Good stuff.  Thanks to the eight teams eliminated: Bad News Spares, Lovernauts, Bowlderdash, Lesbowlians, Sweet Rolls, Splits Happen, I.B.S. and Pinups.  Looking forward to seeing all of y’all at the Bowling Ball on April 20th!

For the remaining 32, here’s your schedule this week (disregard any previous comments on schedule, this is the real one):

Tuesday 5:45

Back in Black vs Snakes on a Lane – Saucy Posse vs Nutz! – S.O.D. vs Three Livers – ICBING vs Off Constantly

Tuesday 8:00

BEER vs D-GUTS  –  Incredibowls vs BUI  – UREA! vs Pinny Candy – Y&B vs No Eye Deer


Thursday 5:45

Happy Hands vs My Balls  – Still L.O.S. vs Roll Another  –  Cunning Linguists vs Wrecking Balls – Cape Fear vs Turkey Club

Thursday 8:00

Guns of Brighton vs Strikes of Hazzard – Binga’s vs Guacabowle – TDYOB vs Clockwork Oranges – Yay vs 5 O’Clock Somewheres

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