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Before I get into the quarterfinal matchups, a reminder that the finals and bowling ball are on Saturday.  We close down at 4 and reopen just to BoPoers.  The 2v finals feature Bama and Gutterboy looking for a repeat title vs Jerk and Cookie looking for Binga’s redemption.  Then the finals which are way better with more fans, then the awards, then the Fogcutters Big Band!  Bowling will open up after the awards ceremony (9ish) at league rate.  The theme for the ball if you hadn’t heard is 1920’s-ish.  Please bring your teams, this is the party of the year.

Now, a breakdown of the final 8.  All from Tuesday.

The Favorites: Back in Black

These guys have been the favorites three years running and look hell bent on following through this time and taking home a title.  Not much needs to be said about them at this point. They’re the 95-96 Bulls.  Stevie Strikes rolled a 298 last night.  They’re ready for anyone.

The Challenger: Sons of Danarchy

All year these guys were neck and neck in average and record with BIB but flew a bit under the radar as BIB started shattering league records every week.  They have done enough to advance in the tourney but haven’t shown much yet.  Now they get the chance to get back to the finals and be an underdog even as they are trying for back to back titles.

The Old Guard: BEER and Off Constantly

These two franchises are back at it and on a possible collision course.  BEER slumped late in the year, and have bowled just well enough to advance so far, but they are the only team to beat Back in Black (11-4).  Natro is looking to get back to the finals with a new squad.  Off Constantly had the opposite trajectory, struggling early in the season and peaking now.  They slaughtered XXX Club in what everyone thought would be a battle.  They think they will win every time they hit the lanes.  They will be a tough out for SOD.

Still Hanging Around: Still L.O.S.

These guys have the talent to win it all this year.  They have their strongest team ever and look ready to erase past frustrations.  The Towers have been great all year, but Stiffy, Coco and Shithawk have been a great group and have L.O.S. looking like they will get back to the semis.

Why Not Us: Cunning Linguists

The Linguists are bowling their best when it matters most.  Windiesel made Col. Angus look like a genius for starting her over Pauly in game three last bight by posting a career best 232.  These guys are very unpredictable bowlers with enough potential to beat anyone.

The Cinderellas: Strikes of Hazzard and UREA!

Hazzard showed nothing all season but have now won consecutive upsets over good squads in Guns of Brighton and Binga’s.  They have nothing to lose and are playing loose.  Scarier still The Deputy still hasn’t had a big playoff night so he has to be due.  UREA! advanced out of the B Champ bracket and now have the unenviable task of facing BIB.  They’ll need some big scores to stretch the match to the full three games.

My Guesses, submit your own on the smack board:

Back in Black 8 UREA!2 :  Still L.O.S. 9 Cunning Linguists 6

Back in Black 8 Still L.O.S. 7

BEER 10 Hazzard 5 : Off Constantly 8 Sons of Danarchy 7

BEER 8 Off Constantly 7



6 thoughts on “The Players

  1. Think what you want Hungus, but BEER has never, and I mean NEVER beaten OC when it matters.

    1. Technically true, though we have only played once when it counted, and you beat us 8-7 in the Finals. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly one sided history.

      1. You want lopsided? Take a look at the banners. OC is in it to win it every year. BEER makes runs in the tourney every once in awhile. Lastly you haven’t beat anyone in this tournament and face another chump team in quarters. Who sets up the brackets again?????

      2. OC just doesn’t win titles at Yankee Lanes with no one around and galactic bowl going.

    1. Yea right you did. The only thing you carried was your gigantic retrospecs. Now my free throw form, that was straight outta the textbook of fundamentals.

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