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Queenshit Tourney is now June 23rd at noon.  $10 to enter, no minimum average.  Ladies who register for the tourney get $10/hr bowling until tourney day.

I won the Kingshit and will play the Queenshot in a one game match July 27th after the US Bowling Open and before a Scotch Doubles Tourney that same day.

Cheddar rolled another 300.  Somebody sign this guy to their BoPo team already.

Moosehead Mondays, 4-7pm, $1 Moosehead, and you can’t beat that with a bat

Cash is King this Sunday at noon, our first ‘kinda real money’ tourney.  Registration still open, $35.

Bocce courts open this weekend, full patio launch next week.

4 thoughts on “News and Stuff

  1. Pounding some mooseheads and brookies and getting rich this Sunday!!! See all your ugly mugs at high noon.

    That scotch dubs tourney, is that one guy one girl teams only or we talking a free for all?

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