Week 2 Lines

In case you didn’t know, we are playing for money.  The winning team will be getting $750, plus whatever we make on the 50/50 throughout the year.  That’s some holiday shopping cash right there.  Of course you have to make the playoffs to have a shot at it.  While an 0-2 start doesn’t knock you out by a long shot it’s certainly a hole every team would hope to avoid.  I had a really hard time picking favorites in most of these games…


Blurred Lanes (1-0) -1 vs SODA (1-0):  A couple of teams that got off to solid starts and even have names already.  The Sons Of Deez Army folks will try to ignore the implication that they are little more than another Diesel paternal fantasy, a younger sibling to BoPo’s S.O.D.  They pulled out an opening night win with depth as their top bowler by average is Yao with a 164.  They’ll need to go a bit bigger against an opponent ripping a Robin Thicke song ripping a Marvin Gaye song.  Captain McStriker is in the top 5 with her impressive 204.5 average after one week.  They cruised even with Natro and the Dentist having off nights.

The Chedds (0-1) -1 The Tsos (1-0):  Cheddar made his return to the scene with a solid performance but the team had a tough night.  They’ll have to work on the chemistry which may be helped with two more team members joining.  Cookie will certainly be amped for his showdown with fellow Binga Tso.  Tso’s crew got the win and had a nice little time on opening night.  Filthy, Tso and Tron all averaged between 164 and 166.  They’ll need a little more firepower to stay undefeated.

Dick’s Pick’s III (1-0) -1 vs Imminent Threat (0-1): Another matchup of named teams.  Hungus like!  The Pick’s are my preseason pick to win it all, though it’s always dangerous to place your faith on the consistency of a Dick Liquor shot.  He has been hitting it well though (drafting his wife seems to agree with him), and Roadhouse really lit it up with a  216 average.  The Threats actually have the top bowler after 1 in Jamaican Jerk (an eye-popping 234 average).  They may start 0-2 with this tough matchup against a hot Dick squad but I like them to be a contender over the long haul.

The Alis (1-0) -1 vs The Bustas (0-1):  Precious has a new twin tower in Pistol Pete and the results were solid in a week one win.  They’ll need another strong week at the top of the order because the Bustas have great depth, and Bijou Lowrie is sure to bounce back from her week one scores.  Ali and Shithawk are trying to raise a champion and this team is a testing ground for them.  This one is my bowloff pick of the week.


Touch Me Ralphie (1-0) -1 vs The Paulies (1-0):  Touch Me opened some eyes early with big performances from E-Minor and Dwayne Luther, an excellent emotional yin and yang for Captain and head-toucher Ralphie.  The Paulies’ top two of Tango and Paulie weren’t far behind.  Both squads also have a ton of depth.  These are two teams that could be battling for a top 4 spot at the end of the year so an early head to head win would be big.

In-N-Out Bowlers (0-0) -1 vs HHH (0-1):  The In-N-Out crew make their season debut after some high altitude training.  That will serve them well with the rooftop intermissions they will face all season.  Hungus and McQueen look like a solid 1-2 and Space Farmer could find his groove when left alone to improvise.  Slow Roll has built a solid squad on paper.  HHH got off to a slow start but like all the teams in the league have a solid group.  The Cheese will be eager to even their record.

The Herks (1-0) -1 vs Prestige Worldwide (0-1):  Behind Stevie Strikes’ 220 and Valley Girl’s 184 averages The Herks had the highest team score of week one.  They should be near the top of the list all season long.  Prestige got a big game from their Captain and one excellent spark from PB&J, but need help from their top pick.

The Hots (0-1) -1 vs The G-Boys (0-1):  A couple of teams that really started slowly have a chance to get to .500 in this one.  Hot Sauce and Tharbear may be missing for The Hots but sometimes having only 4 rollers is an advantage.  Gutterboy’s unorthodox picks didn’t pay off in week one but it’s a long season and he hopes to mold the squad over several games.  He may have to do the heavy lifting himself.

The Squares (0-1) -1 vs The Deputees (0-0):  I don’t even know who is on the Deputy’s team, but I do know Bama and T-$ will be primed to rebound after their week one starts.  For that reason alone I’m setting them as the one point favorites.  For those of you following, that’s a 1 point spread in every game.  I think we have a pretty evenly matched draft league.




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    1. Look fake Thunder everyone knows I put a . after the Dr so fuck off and die, no offense.

      Roll Prestige Worldwide!

  1. I still like our odds and these guys are getting their first taste of arguably one of the most competitive leagues in the house. Give them some time to settle in then the coaching hat goes on.

    Turning water to wine,

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