Week Three Lines, Payment Reminder and BoPo 2014 Expansion

So, it’s week 3.  We’re getting dangerously close to pay to play time…please take care of your league fee this week.

The deadline for submitting a proposal for an expansion team is Oct 1st.  The more info you have on your hopeful team the better.  After that I will email all BoPo captains a survey to vote for three expansion teams.  Top three vote getters will get in.  I am also open to moving existing teams from Tuesday to Thursday or vice versa if anyone wants to move.  Let me know.

Only three early games this week:

Dick’s Picks Vol. III (2-0) -3 vs SODA (1-1): The Picks head into week three undefeated and carrying the league’s best average.  Roadhouse is still carrying a 200+ average and Bowldemort is adjusting to BoPo life with a 184 average himself.  Diesel leads his eponymous squad with a 180, and according to my posted stats Yao Romo is 2nd on the team with a 173 and 3rd on the team with a 163 average.  My bad.

HHH (1-1) -3 vs G-Boys (0-2): HHH got on the winning side of things with a Double Cheese final frame win over Hungus last week (along with some big games from Skittles, Pins Not Shins and Col. Angus).  This week he’ll duel Gutterboy, whose team, the G-Boys, have yet to taste victory but should have a full lineup.  The matchups look pretty even after those two including the Mr. Mr. battle. (Mr Stiffy vs Mr Mayor).  Let’s see if Hexy outcoaches the onetime Kingshit.

Blurred Lanes (2-0) -3 vs In-N-Out Burgers (0-1): For the most part early vs late is an overrated issue, but maybe not with these teams.  Blurred Lanes are an absolute early team, with Natro and the Dentist both having 50 pin increases when bowling early (and McStriker killing it whenever).  In-N-Out is a classic late team that likes to stretch a game out and rolls fine on the broken lanes.  Well, the game’s early so you know whop I’m picking.


Touch Me Ralphie (2-0) -1 vs The Tsos (2-0): A battle of unbeaten teams!  Angry kitten E-Minor is tearing things up with a 203 average and Ralphie has overcome her slow start with some excellent team management.  The Tsos have been underdogs but have a couple wins under their belt.  Filthy has been at both games and been a big contributor and Tso picked up his 1st league 200 of the season last week.  The game could come down to Wendeisel vs Bora Bora.

Clam Hands Mafia (0-2) -1 vs Prestige Worldwide (1-1): I thought there’d be more trash talk for this one but I guess it will just happen on the lanes.  Cheddar’s crew is bowling well but is getting close to must win time.  Thunder’s squad pulled off a huge upset last week with Tom Richards filling the 2 slot and great performances from PB&J and Sea town.  They have the intangibles so maybe they keep on winning.

Herks (1-1) -1 vs The Squares (0-2): If Bama returns we could get a good matchup between BoPo champion teammates.  Stevie has been dominating the pattern while Bama struggled but has only played once and on a late lane.  He’ll be near the top by the end of things.  Gutterslut has been the surprise leader for the squares with a nice average to start the season.  Could be a good game, would be an awesome bowloff between Bama and Steve (if Steve’s still there at the end).

Imminent Threats (0-2) -1 vs Preemptive Strikes (1-1):  Can the threats really go 0-3 with Jamaican Jerk averaging over 220?  I don’t think so.  This would be a good week for Jon Moon to step up and battle Tango or Pauly so Jerk can rack up points.  Should be another close game in a season full of them.

Eskimo Sistas (0-1) -1 vs The Hots (1-1):  I think this is a Shifter-less week for the Hots, in which case the trio of Sparkles, Deputy and Uncle Jesse should be too much.  Chernobylayne does give the Hots one advantage but unless the Sauce Bros. have a big week I think the Sistas get in the win column.

2 thoughts on “Week Three Lines, Payment Reminder and BoPo 2014 Expansion

  1. Prestige Worldwide has been fairly resolute that we are above the smack, but just so you know the smack has been getting laid down via my Facebook page. I’ve been getting it both barrels from the Double Tims on the Clam Hands Mafia.

    Here at Prestige Worldwide we stand for honor, truth, and having one heck of a good time.

    Roll PW!

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