Week 4 Preview

Pay by game time tomorrow if you want to roll…just 10 or so folks left.

Also, let me know by tomorrow if you are trying to start an expansion team.  Get drunk, let the secret out.

Early Games

In-N-Out (1-1) -1 vs Clam Hands Mafia (0-3): The INOs have now lost 8-7, and won 8-7.  I’m calling for a third straight 8-7 game.  Hungus and Slow Roll battle old ghosts as they will see former BEER-mate Cheddar and former SupahDeeper Cookie.  The Clammers have managed to get to 0-3 despite some decent bowling and it’s time for them to get a win.  McQueen and Honey Bunny should be able to dredge up that old OC magic thing for just enough to win.

Alis (2-0) -3 vs Squares (1-2):  The Ali’s are coming off their early bye week hoping it did nothing to ice Precious, the league’s hottest bowler (last seen finishing his 700+ league series with a 280).  The Squares are waiting for the real Bama to show up.  He should start making his climb up the standings any time now.  Pistol Pete is also off to a decent start for Ali, and he’ll need to beat back T-$ and current top Square Gutterslut (as opposed to current center square, Jim J. Bullock).

Tsonami (3-0) -3 vs Eskimo Sistahs (0-2):  Tso’s crew is off to an excellent start and haven’t even had Oz around.  They look to be the first team to get to 4-0 with the early matchup.  Filthy will try to wrap up early for the Browns on national TV!  Deputy’s group is having a good time with their fun loving Captain, and 0-2 is not too big a deal, but they really want to avoid that 0-3 hole.  Maybe Uncle Jesse will go off to thank Dep for turning down his free agent offers.

Prestige Worldwide (2-1) -1 vs G-Boys (0-3): The G-Boys actually have a better team average in this one (by one pin), but Prestige seems to have a knack for winning.  They’re playing loose and picking up wins, now they’ll play as a favorite.  The G-Boys have been short their 2nd round pick, and their 1st round pick is not in form yet.  Gutterboi has been trying to carry them (with some solid rolling from Mr. Mayor) but needs a little more help.  Maybe Dude Jr. returns?

Late Games

Touch Me Ralphie (2-1) -1 vs Imminent Threats (1-2):  Ralphie and iHand have been battling at the front desk, now they’ll take their grudge match to the lanes.  Hand’s crew broke in to the win column last week despite Jerk falling 25 pins in average.  Team effort.  Touch Me, on the other hand, is coming off their first loss and eager to prove they are a top tier team.  Jerk vs The Angry Kitten should be fun to watch, but Dwayne Luther should be the difference maker.

Blurred Lanes (2-1) -3 vs Bustas (0-2): The Lanes had a surprise loss last week but if patterns hold Natro and Dentist should rebound this week.  McStriker needs to arrest her slide (and enjoy her birthday!)  Busta will be primed for this one after a week off, and hopefully South Paw will not get too mad since he’s battling his mentor, Dentist. #whatrhymeswithdontpunchthewallplease

Dick’s Picks III (3-0) -3 vs HHH (2-1):  The Picks will try to stay unbeaten with their strange brew of teammates.  Bolwdemort is playing well in his first BoPo league, Roadhouse is hanging out in the top 10 and Dick has had some solid performances.  Coucou was huge last week in the win.  HHH has won two in a row and Cheese is chasing his bro Precious for Top Dawg.  The rest of HHH (Stiffy, Skittles) has not been so consistent.  They’ll need a full team showing to stop the Dick train.

I Don’t Like Your Herk Off Name (2-1) -1 vs Shatner Face (2-1): Identical records, almost identical averages, should be a close game.  Stevie has been killing it early, and looks like a lock for a couple points in this one but the S-Facers have quality depth.  Xander is their surprise average leader, but the whole team is bunched up.  Chernobylayne is off to a solid start, and she’ll need it to continue to battle Valley Girl in an old Binga’s reunion.  Captain Herk needs to make a move from his 147 to keep his team winning.







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  1. losing 8-7 two week in a row…. meh. I got faith in my squad of boozehounds and now weeee hungry. We’re climbing the ladder very shortly you mark my words, shits about to get real.

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