Playoff Info

Wet Bandits and Blurred Lanes have clinched 1st round byes.

SODA and HHH clicnh first round byes with wins next week.

All the 5-4 teams and Imminent Threats at 5-5 are in.

Prestige Worldwide plays Shatner Face – winner gets the #11 seed, loser is out of the playoffs

Ali’s need 2017 pins to beat Clam Hands in average for the play-in game. Busta’s have the other play-in spot locked up.

4 thoughts on “Playoff Info

  1. Nice little play-in game with Shatner Face next week. Shalt be fun! We play to attempt to party our ways into the postseason! We shalt see you on the battlefield Shatner Face.

    Roll Prestige Worldwide!!!!!!

    1. This definitely was not me, although I agree with everything written.

      I feel like shit, my liver will be happy when draft league is over, could be next week for us…….

      Roll Prestige Worldwide!!!!!

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