Last Chance Thursday

For a few teams this is the last shot.  At least until BoPo VII starts up in a month.  Speaking of BoPo check the previous post for Division alignment.  Teams can start paying their league fees now (same cost as last year $600) and once you’ve paid you can select your preferred bye week if it’s still available.

Early Games

Prestige Worldwide (4-5) -1 vs Shatner Face (4-5): This is the biggest game of the night – winner is in and loser is out.  Shifter is likely back to his tug yacht which leaves Shats a little short handed.  Xander could cap off his surprising year nicely if he leads his squad to victory anyway.  Prestige gets PB&J back and will have one last chance to fine tune their partying to the winning amount.  Last week they needed all five points in game three and a leadoff tequila shot (3rd of the night) fired them up and they were off to a big lead.  The 4th shot of the night, however, did them in (presaged by D-Wayne Luther’s throat slashing move as the hornitos went to work).  Knowing the Dr. they won’t change the formula, they’ll just hope for better results.  This would be the perfect game for a bowloff.

Wet Bandits (7-2) -3 vs Tsos (3-6):  The Bandits can wrap up the #1 overall seed with a win.  There may not be any advantage in that but it’s cool anyway.   Stevie Strikes wrapped up top average weeks ago.  The Tsos have been a surprising disappointment.  The team that looked so good starting 3-0 has lost their last six to fall out of the race.  Well, technically they aren’t out.  A despondent Oz asked if it was ‘impossible, I mean really impossible’ to make the playoffs, so the answer has to be no.  If the Tsos roll a team score of 2599 pins they will be in.

HHH (6-3) -3 vs The Alis (3-6): This game projected to be a classic season finale a few weeks ago.  The Twin Towers’ epic duel.  Well all the life has been sucked out of this matchup now so expect heavy end of season, meaningless game drinking.  Well, it’s not totally meaningless.  HHH could conceivably lose their first round bye with a loss.  The Alis could even sneak in to the playoffs with a combined pin count of 2016, or a pin count 227 pins higher than whatever the Bustas roll.  That may have seemed more likely  if Precious had been around.  The remaining Ali’s will need to have career nights to salvage a play-in game (where they would get their big guy back).

Touch Me (5-4) -1 vs Bustas (3-6):  The Bustas will be more focused on the game next to them than to their own win or loss.  A win doesn’t mean anything, they just need to get a team total of 1790 to clinch a play-in, or hold off the next lane over Alis.  Bustah and SouthPaw should be able to reach those numbers easily, and Beaujolais is dominating in her other leagues’ playoffs, winning a title Monday night and playing for another tonight.  Touch Me is in the middle of the pack with everyone else.  They’ll finish somewhere between 3rd and 11th.  With little to play for it’s a good chance to get some rest and do some drinking.  Maybe Ralphie gets a league 200, that’d be cool.

Late Games

Preemptive Strikes (5-4) -3 vs Eskimo Sistas (3-6): It never really clicked for the Sistas this year.  It wasn’t a lost season for Deputy as he patched up his relationship with BoPo cap Uncle Jesse after an ugly free agency period and Belichick to the Jets style signing with and and resignation from Turkey Club.  They’ll be back together and contending for a title with 2014 free agent Terry “No Bowling Name” Robinson, a.k.a. TNBNR.  The Pre Strikes are still playing for the money. Their Captain has had a bit of a free agency saga as well, quietly stepping away from Linguism and joining Cheddar on Yahtzee!, the third BoPo team name to END WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!!!!!!!  They’ll see you in the playoffs.

Blurred Lanes (7-2) -3 vs Gutterboi (2-7): Long, lost season for the G-Boys.  They had the last pick in the 1st round of the draft, their second round pick missed most of the season, just a tough all around run.  G-Boy himself has put up some nice numbers, and Mr. Mayor announced himself.  McStriker’s squad is cruising, and with some help could wrap up the overall top seed.  Either way they are guaranteed a bye into the quarterfinals.  The Natro-Dentist-McStriker troika has proved a strong one, with occasional big games from Jewdy.  They’re a solid team, and a certain member of the team would insist they are also very, very attractive.

Dick’s Pick’s Vol. III (5-4) -1 vs In-N-Out Bowlers (5-4):  Not much to play for in this one.  This was supposed to be a twin-down but Coucou will be missing the game.  Honey Bunny will have to take it out on her brother in law.  McQueen is trying to wrap up a nice top-10 personal finish, Roadhouse too (though he is currently just outside at 11th).  That’s a reach for something interesting regarding the bowling in this one, but I do expect a bit of a party game to develop. You know about the only thing that could make this exciting?  How about a bowloff!  Seriously, no bowloffs?  I even got robbed of a bowloff while bartending Monday night when the Diesel vs Billy James playoff bowloff (PLAYOFF BOWLOFF!) turned out to just be a 3 ball affair under CascoBaySports rules. So please, someone tie already.

SODA (6-3) -1 vs LazerCats (5-4): Speak of the Diesel.  Slamming-Onyx-Daily Assassins can wrap up a top 4 spot and playoff bye with a win, and slay some of Danny’s Demons.  The LazerCats are a team no one will want to play in the playoffs with Bama, Gutterslut and T-$.  Just realized, and this has nothing to do with this game, that both Imminent Threats and The Clam Hands Mafia (if the mafia hold on to their pin lead) will have 20 days between games.  That doesn’t seem like a good thing.  Anyway, I’ll take the angrier SODA to win this one, good depth and more to play for.






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