#4 Guns of Brighton

The rankings have been a little fluid as I’ve gone through this process.  When I first tried ranking everyone I had these guys as high as #2 for a while.  It has been pointed out to me however that as good as this team’s moves look on paper they haven’t done it yet on the lanes.  Anyway, 4th is pretty damn high so let’s look at the moves.  At the top they have the steady, steely Mr. Pickles.  He’s no nonsense, adjusts well and loves competition.  He’s unshakeble, unemotional, immovable and  pathological.  Well maybe not all those but it sounds badass.  Invisible Hand returns and he had himself a strong little Draft season.  When he rolls well he stays upbeat, walks with a swagger and keeps his team happy.  When he struggles his shoulders sag and the team goes a bit rudderless.  He should have more happy nights with his improving scores.  Hootie and Sea Town are the returning ladies.  Hootie had some big games last year but she has been off the lanes since April.  Sea Town has been practicing and will be the steady one til Hootie gets her groove back.  Then there are the new guys. First off is Draft League revelation and Hungus next door neighbor Jon Moon.  He met his wife as her bowling instructor (true story) and he’s a thinking man’s bowler.  He’ll have no trouble on this easy pattern.  Finally, E-Minor.  After flirting with several teams he ended up here, and despite his playoff run in Draft I think it’s a really good signing.  Plus he’s their only lefty.  This team certainly has the pieces to put up big scores all the time – do they have the mental toughness to win in the playoffs?  We’ll find out in April.

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