Holy cow, it’s that time again.  Can you believe it?  If you’ve been at Bayside recently you can feel it in the air.  The lanes were full of teams getting in one practice before opening night.  Even The Man From Hope is starting to pen this year’s Canadian opus.

I’ve been reviewing the BoPo archives and realizing how much richer the writing was.  Well, perhaps not richer but certainly more inventive (partially due to the fact that the bowling was nothing worth writing about and partially due to the fact there were only 12 and then 20 teams).  There used to be handouts to be filled out by each team.  Well, I can’t do that with 44 teams.  Heck last year I humiliated myself by not recognizing some league folks coming the Bowling Ball.  I will try to cover things as much as I can, and we will bring back bowler of the week interviews, one each for Tuesday A and B and Thursday A and B.  There will still be another All-Star game which has become an awesome part of the league.  There will be a Sunday Shootout for 24 teams to grab the last 12 spots in the tourney.  It should be an excellent season and while Back In Black certainly looks primed to repeat there are at least a dozen teams with legitimate hopes, and we’ve never had a repeat winner.  So, here goes!  Thanks for being a part of BoPo, be cool to each other, have a good time, and get some strikes.

The lines will be real short as I just did writeups for all 44 teams and not much is new.

Game of The Night

(LATE)A:  #2 L.O.S. -3 vs #12 TDYOB:  The Twin Towers make their debut as a Thursday team.  Shifter Pawl is also making his Thursday debut as a member of Thunder’s crew and they will try to show LOS that they will not have a cakewalk on their new night.

Early Games

B: Clockwork Oranges -1 vs Roll Another: Two original BoPo captains in Riggs and Chupacabra.  These teams have met many times before and Clockwork has the edge.  The also have Ishmael coming off an impressive Draft season.

B: Happy Hands -1 vs Lesbowlians: The Hands are coming off their best season ever and look to defend their Thursday B Division title.  The Lesbowlians have been putting in time on the lanes and could make big statement with an opening night victory.

B: Bowlderdash -7 vs Bad News Spares: The Spares haven’t won a game in a long time.  Bowlderdash will try to capitalize on the schedule to get off to a fast start.

A: #15 UREA! -3 vs Bowled and Beautiful: B&B make their eague debut but have plenty of recognizable faces in Mr. Mayor, Saw and Beaujolais.  They’ll take on an improved UREA! team making the jump to A division with their new signee Nurple and the same solid crew from last season.

A: #11 Yay! -3 vs BUI: Yay! flies in to the season a bit under the radar with LOS and GOB grabbing the Thursday headlines, but two of the Yay boys just won Draft league and they have a solid squad.  They are defending Thursday A champs don’t forget.  BUI can put up big numbers on occasion, and they will need to to stay in this one against a motivated Yay!

Late Games

A: #13 Linguists -3 vs Leisure Rolls: The Linguists have also moved out of Tuesday B to try their hand on Thursdays.  Speaking of hands, brace yours for incoming high fives from Angus.  The Rolls are 8 time Wednesday Casco Bay champs…we’ll see if that translates.

A: #4 GOB – 7 vs #14 Y&B: This game had some serious potential before it was announced that Pistol Pete would miss it.  GOB will show off it’s new toys, E-Minor and Jon Moon.  Nugget makes her debut for a Y&B team that will be solid when they have their whole roster together.

B: Granola Bowlahs -1 vs Guacabowle: Rick Vaughn’s expansion team hits BoPo in a battle of the nicest Captains in the league vs Sparetime.  This one will be a Polite-fest!

B: 5 O’Clocks -1 vs Pinny Candy: Get ready for some new high five moves as the O’Clocks have had an entire offseason to perfect routines.  Pinny Candy begins life after Skittles.

B: I.B.S. -3 vs Lovernauts:  This is a great match as the Lovernauts and I.B.S. were both born of the same team, Die Gassenjungen.  I.B.S. is trying to recover from a winless season, and they did pick up Lucky from Y&B, and the move to B should help.


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  1. -3???? Hahahahahaha, that just made us laugh! We didn’t even know there was a league affiliated with Bowl Portland on Thursday nights!

    This will be a 15-0 snoozefest!

    Prepare to be crushed!

    Chris and Kerry

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