Thursday – let’s go

So, as was mentioned on the Smack Board, Thursday is really underperforming on the party front this year.  The stereotypically more “serious” Tuesday nighters are drinking more and partying harder in spite of the night of the week.  Thursday even had Mo and stayed sedate.  Enjoy yourselves, this is already the 1/3 mark of the season, take advantage of the scene.

On another note, Thursday late games are starting significantly later than Tuesday late games.  We are going to really enforce the 5:45 start time.  Enter your names during warmups so you can start immediately at 5:45.  I know that fewer strikes equals longer games but please be aware of the time if you are playing early on Thursdays, try to keep the game moving, don’t take 20+ seconds in the approach, etc. While I really don’t care, your leaguemates playing late would appreciate it.


My predictions record stands at 41-28

Game of the Night

#2 Guns of Brighton (2-0) -3 vs #12 Bowled and Beautiful (2-1): I don’t know that this game will be close, but it is the only matchup of ranked teams and it features the top Thursday team so I’ll call it game of the night.  GOB has had a week off to look at their gaudy averages and feel good about themselves.  They should be able to continue what they were doing after a little breather.  B&B had a big win over Y&B in last week’s Friday Night Strikes (tm Nuber) matchup.  Billy James and Mr. Mayor can put up some big scores and they could keep this match interesting, but in the end G.O.B. should overrun them.

Early Games

Slaughterhouse 7 (2-1) -5 vs Lesbowlians (1-2): The 7 have reeled off back to back wins and look to be making a move back to the top of Thursday B.  While it was 2v2 and not league play, Coco Lopez rolled some monster games this weekend and looks primed for more big scores.  The Lesbowlians got an emotional first win last week and it was a whole team effort.  They would love to get to .500.

Guacabowle (2-1) -3 vs Lovernauts (1-2):  Guac lost last week, and the ‘Nauts won, but I’ll still pick Guac to get back in the win column.  They have been putting in the practice time and Sparetime enters as the top bowler in this matchup.  The Lovernauts are as even a team as you can get, with their top three bowlers (Slugga, Rufio and Flannel Mayhem) all between 149.8 and 148.8.  One of them would need to break from the pack to pull this one out.

Granola Bowlahs (1-1) -13 vs Bad News Spares (0-3): Ok, the line is a little crazy, but the Spares have yet to grab a point and last week struggled to field a team.  Granola on the other hand is hungry for wins in their expansion season.  Give em the heater, Ricky!

#11 Happy Hands (3-0) -1 vs I.B.S. (2-1): That’s a pretty lofty ranking for the hands, but they are undefeated.  Can they hold on to that against an I.B.S. squad that only lost in the final frame last week and has played well this season?  The Munj has been on fire for HHP and grabbed his first 00 of the season last week.  He’ll battle Oolie (if Oolie shows up on time), but then there are lots of good matchups up and down the lineup.  I.B.S. could use Lucky returning to battle Sasha Northfield.

Late Games

#14 Roll Another (3-0) -5 vs Pinny Candy (1-2):  I’m not positive but I believe this is the best start in the long history of ROll Another, a group of original BoPoers with the same Captain (Chupacabra) for all seven seasons.  They survived IBS in a close one last week and now look to keep the streak going against Pinny Candy.  The Candies have done a little better than expected given the departure of Captain Skittles, but they face a tough foe here and look like they may go to 1-3.

Bowlderdash (1-2) -3 vs 5 O’Clocks (0-3):  A couple of teams I thought would get off to better starts battle in this one.  Bowlderdash could actually be fine, sitting at 2-2 with a win, and Michael Bowlton seems to be warming up (and coincidentally the other Michael Bolton sure seems to be in a lot of advertising these days).  The 5 O’s need to step up and help out Automatic who is having a decent season.  Let’s see some high fiving!

Young & Bowled (0-3) -1 vs Cunning Linguists (1-2): I can’t figure out how Y&B keeps losing.  They’re bowling well, just not catching any breaks, and they’ve played a pretty tough schedule.  This wek they should, for the first time, have Pistol Pete and Senator ITZ.  No word on Lou Dawg’s Nut.  The Linguists got into the win column last week and have some solid bowlers themselves.  They picked up free agent Wildcard (aka Dill) and held on for a win over BUI, and played on lanes 1-2 for their last time all year.  I’d love to see a Pistol/Wildcard bowloff.

TDYOB (1-2) -3 vs BUI (1-2):  These teams offer a pretty clear contrast in personality, but they have the same record and very similar team averages, so I’m projecting a close one.  I’ll give the edge to TDYOB with Shifter back around.  BUI has Scarbelly and Snapshot bowling well, but with Shifter and Munson and Thunder TDYOB has more depth.  Plus they are louder, and they’ll drink more.




7 thoughts on “Thursday – let’s go

  1. Ode to Brooklyn

    My ball aches, and a drowsy thumbness pains
    My sense, as though of Moosehead I had drunk,
    Or emptied some dull house ball into the gutter-drains,
    Seventh Frame past, and my dreams of a 200 sunk,
    ’Tis not through envy of the other teams’ happy lot,
    But being too drunk in thine happiness,—
    That thou, seven/ten split of the pins,
    In some mocking plot
    Of missing my line, and shades numberless frames,
    Singest ofbrooklyn in full-accidental ease.

    1. Smoke was pulled in ribbons from the windows of the car
      I followed the flash of silver from your teeth
      Above the tarmac, the lights were icy green
      Buried in patterns in your chest, a quiet shimmering
      Little dipper, tiara-shine
      Song bird shivering, thin, thin dime

      Smoke like ribbons
      Smoke like ribbons
      Smoke like ribbons
      Smoke like ribbons

      Songs were pulled in ribbons from the window of the car
      Lost along the shoulders of the highway
      Cake walk dancers unwind from their spin
      Singing, “Lawty lawty loved him”, starks don’t give a flat fuck
      Lawty lawty loved him, starks don’t give a flat fuck
      Lawty lawty loved him, starks don’t give a flat fuck

      Smoke like ribbons
      Smoke like ribbons
      Smoke like ribbons
      Smoke like ribbons

  2. Fewer strikes?!? Nuts! Keep your heads down.
    41-28 isn’t bad though, Karl. Not for reading the future.

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