One Line Lines

Trying to catch up on everything after a week in the woods so lines will be brief

Early Games

#9 Sons of Danarchy (2-2) -3 vs #5 Back In Black (2-1): BIB still learning to bowl without Bama, and SOD doesn’t want to deal with a three game losing streak.

#7 Yahtzee (2-1) -1 vs Turkey Club (0-4): I think this one will be closer than you’d expect but Yahtzee should hold on and send the Club to 0-5.

#3 Bingas (3-1) -3 vs #10 Nutz (2-2): Bingas needs to keep their focus after playing the brutal stretch of their schedule.  If the let up Nutz will surprise them.

Late Games

Incredibowls (2-2) -5 vs Snakes on a Lane (0-4): Incredibowls should get back over .500 as Spidey keeps himself in contention for an all-star spot.

Wrecking Balls (1-3) -1 vs Splits Happen (0-4): Will be curous to see who the Wreck et to show for a late game – team average of 581 is solid but they need a win.  Splits may need one even more at 0-4.

#13 My Balls (4-0) -3 vs BILFs (2-2): Wej and Big Red try to carry the Balls to 5-0, but the BILF’s have a hot Thumper and got a surprise big game from Dinah Moe Humm last week.

#12 No Eye Deer (4-0) -1 vs Cape Fear (3-1): About as good a B match as you’ll see, NED undefeated and Cape with the top average in B.  Burt the Bandit looking to build on his 2nd BOTW award.

ICBING (2-1) -1 vs Pinups (2-1): Identical records, almost identical average.  Hopefully these teams combine to get us back on the bowloff every Tuesday track.

Ball That (1-2) -3 vs Three Livers (1-2): Both teams are well rested coming off their bye week.  Ball That has been close to more wins, I think they’ll even their record in this one.



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