It’s time for the first week of crossovers for A division teams. Seems everyone except Oolie loves this little friendly rivalry.  This week the bulk of the action is on Thursday with some monster matchups.  As for today, five Thursday teams are making the trek to unfamiliar territory, trying to improve on last year’s Thursday A record of 4-26.  I don’t think that should be a problem on the whole, but I do think Tuesday jumps out to a 5-0 lead tonight (Thursday games look like a totally different story). REMINDER, SAUPO vs B&B IS NOW A LATE GAME

Game of the Night

(LATE) X-O: Turkey Club (1-4) -3 vs TDYOB (2-3): Tango vs Thunder used to be one of the great Smack rivalries in BoPo history (right up there with Thunder vs Oolie and Anonymous vs Bayside Bowl).  Let’s hope this match rekindles the flames.  The Club got their first win last week with Tango and Roadhouse each posting a 240.  They didn’t even need their Yankee ringer Big Rig, which is good since he won’t be there this week and has yet to really fit in to the Club/BoPo vibe.  TDYOB will also be without their offseason acquisition, though Shifter is no Yankee ringer and he owns the TDYOB/BoPo vibe.  Thunder will boom, but right now Tango and Roadhouse are rolling really well – ask them about their 505 – and overcome the sound and the fury.  I’ll take the Club in this one.

Early Games

Ball That (2-2) -3 vs Pinups (2-2): This is a good battle of Tuesday B teams looking to stay in the top half of the standings and above .500.  The Pinups have lost two in a row and their scores have been dropping. Ball That has the third highest average in the division and should cruise to victory.  Samsquampch is having a solid 1st season Captaining.

#15 Cape Fear (4-1) -9 vs Splits Happen (1-4): Lucky for Splits they held on last week for an 8-7 win, their first of the year.  They won’t get their 2nd tonight.  Cape Fear just won 15-0 over an undefeated NED team.  They have a higher average than many A division teams.  This one looks lopsided.

X-O: #8 Bingas (3-2) -5 vs Linguists (1-4): The Linguists were actually a part of Tuesday A last year before moving over this season.  The move hasn’t gone well as they are 1-4 and stuck under 590 in team average.  La Ga still will be an all-star but the rest of the team is having down seasons.  Bingas stumbled in their trap game last week losing to Nuts after a three game winning streak over powers OC, SOD and BIB.  They’ll get back on track tonight as Jerk and Cookie look to get back into all-star contention.

Late Games

X-O: Saucy Posse (0-4) -1 vs Bowled and Beautiful (2-3): On paper this one could be the only close crossover game.  The teams averages are only one pin apart.  B&B got some outstanding rolling from Dr. Pheelgood last week, and they have solid rollers in Mister Mayor, Billy James and Beaujolais.  SauPo is coming off a gut wrenching one pin loss to undefeated Hazzard and they need to grab wins when they can.   They need it more, so I’m taking them in a close one.  Decent bowloff potential.

Three Livers (1-3) -3 vs Snakes On A Lane (0-5): Snakes could match 2012’s IBS and Bad News Spares with a winless season – the watch is on.  They do have some competitive bowlers though so they won’t go down without a fight.  You never know what you’ll get from Three Livers – Larry hasn’t broken out yet, Wilma hasn’t had her normal big night, and Bernie’s been subdued.  That said a win here and they are 2-3 and looking alright.

No Eye Deer (4-1) -1 vs Incredibowls (3-2): This could be a really entertaining match near the top of the B standings.  NED has to shake off last weeks 15-0 drubbing and remember they are still 4-1.  Time for Dirty Sylon to take the baton from Burt the Bandit and lead the squad.  Incredibowls are always in tight games and they do have the top bowler in all of B division, Spidey, making an all-star push.  A Spidey vs Burt bowloff would pit guys who each have a bowloff win under the belt this year – that’d be cool.

X-O: #9 Yahtzee (2-2) -5 vs BUI (1-4): Yahtzee Cap Chedar used to bowl on Wednesdays with some of the BUI folks, but don’t expect those fond memories to lessen his resolve.  His Yahtzee team is looking to rebound from a loss and will show no mercy to BUI.  Hexy leads the world in games played with 30 2v2 games already, but this team has been amazingly true to their formula of 2 games per player every night.  Eventually I think BUI will heat up but not on this cold night.

X-O: #10 Sons of Danarchy (2-3) -7 vs UREA! (1-3): T-$ responded to the jabs in the press last week with a 210ish average but then fell to Pistol Pete in a bowloff.  It was a good sign for a UREA! team that had been struggling but probably won’t help in this one.  SOD has lost three in a row, which is absurd given their average.  They will rebound in a big way tonight and get back to .500 at the halfway point in their schedule.  Booth will see if he can duplicate last game’s 630 series.



11 thoughts on “Crossovers!

  1. Hey guys, not sure if I am going to show tonight. My average is down from where it has been in years’ past and I just don’t have the drive. I think I may have just gotten too good, I don’t even practice anymore.

    Sorry guys.

    1. I just can’t bowl in this piss ass league any more. No desire to bowl in the crappy bopo high school scene. I think I will take my skills to Yankee lanes where I will be valued. So long losers!!

    1. Normally people start at the beginning of the alphabet when starting a new post. I think you forgot to hit reply.

  2. Don’t forget the ever-classic Smack rivalry of Thunder vs. Thunder, dude is like Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive on this site.

      1. A. Stop posting under my name.

        B. Didn’t mean Jekyll and Hyde, at all.

        C. Please read A again.

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