Friday Night Strikes

#9 Sons of Danarchy (3-3) -1 vs #8 Yahtzee (3-2): Looky here, a top 10 battle on a Friday night!  Cool.  There are a lot of folks jostling for all star position in this one, and it’s a big game in the middle of the pack of Tuesday A.  I’m going with SOD at being better able to handle Friday conditions – chewed up lanes, kids next to you, etc – since they are often here on Friday nights.  Yahtzee seems better suited for cleaner conditions.  Should be close either way.

Granola Bowlers (3-2) -1 vs Happy Hands (5-1): Another really close match.  With Roll Another’s loss Thursday B opened up a bit.  The Hands are alone in first with a win, Granola is right in the mix at 4-2 if they pull it off.  Not sure how Friday scheduling affects these teams.  Bijou Lowry missing would be a critical blow to Granola.  Looking forward to this one, a great test between the expansion upstart and the defending division champs.

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