Short takes

Tuesday B has the 4-2 lead over Thursday after 1 night, can Thursday tie it up on their home turf?

Game of The Week

#3 Guns of Brighton (5-1) -1 vs #4 L.O.S. (6-1): Interesting match. Leisure Rolls is still in first but both these teams are right on their tail.  Precious’ attendance is hard to predict but I’ll assume he’s there.  Last week Mr. Stiffy stepped up in his absence and carried his team to victory with something around a 230 average.  He won’t need to be that good but his staying hot is a huge piece of the puzzle for the LOSers.  GOB is in a mini slump with a loss to BIB followed up by a win in their worst scoring game of the year.  They’ll need to turn it around quickly to pull this one off.  As of now all GOBbers except Captain Hand would be in the all-star game, so I’ll give them the very narrow edge.

Early Games

(TU) ICBING (5-1) -3 vs (TH) Lovernauts (5-2): It’s been the best season in Lovernauts franchise history so far as they are in 2nd place in their division and battle for first.  Newcomers Slugga and Flannel Mayhem have helped Rufio turn things around.  They face a tough one in ICBING, however, a team that will be in first again on Tuesday B with a win.  Fabio and Peanut Gutter are a strong 1-2 punch.

(TH) Slaughterhouse 7 (3-3) -1 vs N.E.D. (5-2): The averages tilt slightly toward NED, but this is being played on Thursday and who knows who can even make it to the game for them?  Plus S7 has been putting in a lot of team practices looking like they are ready to make a little run.  I’ll take Coco Lopez in this one.

(TH) Bowlderdash (3-3) -1 vs (TU) Splits Happen (2-5):  This is the same as the last game, the Tuesday team has the slightly higher average but they have to travel to Thursday.  Bowlderdash is coming off a big win last week, knocking off the 1st place team.  They should ride that momentum to a winning record.

#2 Leisure Rolls (6-0) -3 vs #14 Yay? (2-4): The Leisure train keeps on rolling.  They keep doing enough to win and look like they should get to 7-0 in this one.  Yay? is no slouch – they have the bowlers to win this match if they can stay focused.  Yao especially is due for a breakout game and Mona Laudley could be a points machine.  I think Yay? will keep it close for a while but ultimately the Rolls roll, unless they are looking ahead to next week.

Late Games

(TU) BILFs (2-4) -5 vs (TH) Pinny Candy (2-4): Pinny Candy got some confidence back with a lopsided win over the Spares last week, but they’ll need more than confidence to hang with the big, bad BILFs.  Old Thumper leads the BILFs to Thursday where they should take care of business and get back home with a win (and maybe a consulting contract).

(TU) Ball That (4-2) -9 vs (TH) Five O’Clocks (0-6): This one could get ugly on the scoreboard but will be pretty friendly on the lanes – both teams are pretty mellow.  Gutterlicious of Ball That has wrapped up a Tuesday all-star spot (unless she rolls a couple of 50s).  The 5 O’s don’t have any all-stars but could share a few of their high fiving skills, which are all-world.

Y&B (3-4) -1 vs TDYOB (2-4): This should be a good one.  The TDYOBers have Shifter back, and Sneaky Pete is the reigning bowler of the week.  She and Thunder seem to be benefiting from Bowling for Dummies.  They embark on the Bayside ownership 1-2 playing Senator ITZ and Hungus in back to back weeks.  Y&B bowls well each week and have a strong average but seem to be missing that little something that makes the difference in winning and losing.  Maybe that little something is Lou Dawg – they could use him coming out of retirement again.  They do look like they’ll place three in the all-star game which is a nice accomplishment but they’d rather just get some wins.

(TH) Granola Bowlahs (4-2) -3 vs (TU) Wrecking Balls (1-6):  Looking at the records it’s hard to believe the Wreck has a significantly higher team average.  They are just finding ways to lose – it’s been a tough year for teams captained by Mitchells (3-11), though in-law captained teams are 6-1.  Granola is beatable if Rick Vaughn leaves any 10 pins.  I’m assuming Bijou is there for this line, and Colucci Kid should more than hold his own.


8 thoughts on “Short takes

  1. LOS 9.5-6.5 over GOB, these guys have been bailing water for two weeks now.

    ICBING beat the Lovers for the win.

    Splits Happen smacked it, flipped it, and rubbed it down over Bowlderhash.

    TDYOB over Y&B.

    Granola over WB

    YAY! (Slam Pigs) takes down the last undefeated in the Leisure Trolls, it got so bad that Gatch went across the street and poured garbage all over his restaraunt.

    As of wire close the other results were outstanding.

      1. That is fucking right. Felt good to shut E Minor up! Remember when he was walking around talking all that shit about being Top Dog three weeks ago. Now the dude looks like someone kicked his dog.

        But let’s be honest, wasn’t this team the preseason #1, or some shit like that? They didn’t even give us a game. I thought they were supposed to be good. That guy Hand is better off at washing balls than he is at rolling them. And between the two of us we have 4 big ass balls he could wash tonight if he wants! Hope you are good at gargling bro!

        Everyone expected us to be the cream of the crop on JV night (Thursday), and guess what we are. So we want everyone to take a big step back and literally fuck your own face!!!!!!!!

        Chris and Kerry

  2. Wow what kind of guy names himself after Pistol Pete, what an asshole!

    You pay for this tonight Pete:

    Roll Bork!!!!

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