The Home Stretch

Down to the final three weeks.  Some teams can clinch division titles soon, others can already plan their trip to the Sunday Shootout.  This is shaping up as the most exciting postseason in BoPo history as BIB looks like a very strong contender to repeat but there is a huge field of teams with a legitimate chance to advance to the finals.  Plus tonight late is a full house of BoPo again, 12 lanes!  The lucky train has also left the station with a full cargo of t-shirts.

Also we will be doing an NCAA bracket at Bayside, info at the front desk.


Game of the Week (EARLY)

#2 Yahtzee (7-2) -1 vs #5 Binga’s (6-3): Binga’s, meet Sparkles.  The new guy on the new team has been on fire for the last month in 2v2 as well as BoPo.  He’s taken all the pressure off Cheddar and Yahtzee has caught fire.  If you match up #1 vs #1, #2 vs #2 and #3 vs #3, Yahtzee rollers have a 10 pin lead in average over each of their Binga’s counterparts.  Binga’s has Chernobylayne, however, plus an energy guy in Hot Mango who has the edge over Bowldemort.  This will be close.  Jerk has been putting up two great games a week lately, and should be motivated by this new guy coming along to challenge him.  Unfortunately for Binga’s that new guy has been putting up three great games a week, so Yahtzee by 1.

Early Games

#9 Turkey Club (4-5) -3 vs Saucy Posse (2-7): This one should get the Club back to .500.  After holding on for an exciting 8-7 FNL win the Club look to continue their push up the standings.  They still have three guys in the top 15 which no other team can claim.  They just have to stay focused on this one and not look ahead to games against their traditional rivals Bingas and Yay to finish the season.  SauPo just needs to get a little consistency going.  They’ll be in the Sunday Shootout but should get through that and find themselves in the playoffs where anything is possible.  Hot Sauce needs to get back to form.

#10 My Balls (8-1) -7 vs Snakes On A Lane (0-9): Not much to say about this one.  My Balls will take another step toward clinching a division crown, Snakes will take another step toward getting this season behind them.

#14 Ball That (7-2) -3 vs Splits Happen (4-5): Ball That is right on My Balls’ tail, but have a much tougher task at hand tonight against a scrappy Splits team.  Ball That has been on fire and certainly are the favorites here.  They have a strong average and an all-star in Gutterlicious.  Splits always looks outmatched on paper, but proved again last week they are never dead with yet another comeback from 7-3.  These guys are dangerous and are never out of a game.  They could have a huge impact on the division race in this one, and then actually will be favored in their final 2 matches.

Late Games

#1 Back In Black (8-1) -3 vs #11 Strikes of Hazzard (5-4): It’s been a freefall for Hazzard after their 4-0 start.  Of course they haven’t had their top bowler for most of the games.  He was signed for matchups like this one against the league’s best team and top bowler, Stevie Strikes.  General Lee will have to hang with Stevie tonight for Hazzard to have a chance.  Deputy would then be tasked with keeping up with Gutterboy – while he hasn’t lately, he is capable.  The BIB ladies have been crushing teams lately and look to extend that run, setting up a division clinching game next week.

BILFs (4-5) -3 vs Pinups (4-5):  A couple of teams kind of stuck in the middle of the pack on Tuesday B try to get a little momentum going heading toward the playoffs. Both will be in the Sunday Shootout but wins now make that draw a little easier.  BILFs have the two top bowlers in the match in Old Thumper and Major Danks so I’ll give them the edge.

Incredibowls (5-4) -5 vs Wrecking Balls (1-8): The ‘Creds let one slip away last week after looking solid with a 7-3 lead.  They should be able to right the ship against a struggling Wrecking crew.  The Wreck started the season with close losses, playing just below the level of whatever opponent they played.  They could really use a win for team morale heading into the Sunday Shootout.

ICBING (7-2) -3 vs Three Livers (4-5):  ICBING is still in the hunt for the division title, but any top three finish would be good enoughj to keep them out of the Sunday Shootout.  They’ll be favored against old friends Three Livers, but not by much.  The Livers have years of experience to call on and still have a .500 season within their grasp.  Larry vs Fabio is an underrated matchup that would make for a sweet bowloff.

#3 Off Constantly (6-2) -3 vs Body English (2-7): This matchup ain’t what it used to be.  OC has had a renaissance year and is back near the top of the standings.  BEER, not so much, as they are having the worst year in franchise history.  That said, this is one of the great old BoPo rivalries so throw the records out the window as the cliche goes.  OC has been surprisingly led by Dick this year (though Oz is making his move now).  They are running out of time to get some games for the injured Coucou or face the playoffs with only only Honey Bunny as an eligible lady.  BEER will also be working on eligibility issues getting Tom Richards some games and hoping he provides the spark.  At least once this year Natro and Hungus have to bowl well together, right?  BEER has won three of the last four in this series, but OC’s win was for a banner.  Now they’ll try to kick their old foes while they’re down.

#6 Sons of Danarchy (5-4) -3 vs Nutz (3-7):  Don’t sleep on SOD.  They had a little losing streak there but they still have the best average in BoPo.  They have it on depth as there really are no weak links on their roster.  That depth should grind down the Nutz even if Bustah grabs a bunch of top points.   SOD has a full roster now with The Dentist back from injury and they should grab a couple more wins (Nuts are 3-7, next week’s opponent BEER is 2-7) before their season ending showdown with LOS.


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