Sunday Shootout Schedule

We will open the doors around 10:45 so you can get to your lanes and be ready for 11 o’clock starts


BEER (4-8) vs 5 O’Clock Somewheres (0-12)

Nutz (3-9) vs Bad News Spares (1-10)

Saucy Posse (2-10) vs Pinny Candy (3-9)

Bowled & Beautiful (3-9) vs Splits Happen (5-7)

Lovernauts (7-5) vs BILFs (6-6)

Roll Another (8-4) vs Pinups (5-7)



Cunning Linguists (3-9) vs Snakes On A Lane (1-11)

ICBING (9-3) vs Bowlderdash (4-8)

Incredibowls (7-5) vs Lesbowlians (6-6)

Granola Bowlahs (7-5) vs No Eye Deer (6-6)

Three Livers (5-7) vs Guacabowle (8-4)


8 thoughts on “Sunday Shootout Schedule

  1. Can you PLEASE not put any teams on those lanes?!?! Averages drop at least 20 pins on those abominations

    1. Really???? Munson went 599 over there last Tuesday in league that is 199.7 he averages 169, looks like average goes up 30 over there……

    2. As a team who have bowled on those lanes many times this year…who gives a shit.

      Ask for bumpers if you want assistance and vote Democrat cause you love welfare.


  2. Give me BEER, Nutz, Saucy, B&B, BILFs, Roll Another, Linguists, ICBING, Incredibowls, and No Eye Deer.

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