Night 1 Recaps

Early Games
#1 Back in Black advanced 11-4, but not before falling behind 4-1 to the Pinups and setting the tone for a wild first shift.  Guacabowle held on in the 10th for an 8-7 upset over OC that is arguably the biggest shocker in BoPo playoff history.  A few lanes over Bowled & Beautiful staked their own claim to that title with a win over SOD…in 2 games!  My Balls and Happy hands was supposed to be close, and it was, but My Balls pulled away for the win in game three.
Late Games
The favorites late had seen the carnage early and came to play.  Hazzard, Binga’s and Yahtzee all cruised to 9-1 victories leaving fans watching T-Club and the Linguists tied at 5 all.  An unbelievable run of good fortune for Herk and a big showing from free agent Big Rig eventually carried Club across the finish line.
Thursday lines will be out tomorrow sometime.  Seriously folks it is really fun to watch these games, and as we learned tonight anything can happen.  See you Thursday.  (If you’re really jonesing for playoff action there are two different 2v2 quarterfinals tomorrow – Natro/Hungus v Roadhouse/Tango at 5, Wing Sauce/Oz vs Pauly Ringwald/Sparkles at 5:45)

2 thoughts on “Night 1 Recaps

  1. Guns a blazin Guacabowle charged into their first round match with the two time Champions of the World, Off Constantly!

    #1 was seen drunk at the bar around 3:45 p.m. being told to slow down his consumption to which he replied, “What does it matter we are playing Guacabowle?!?!?!!?”

    Dick Liquor via text admitted he had no idea who they were playing that night and didn’t know that Guacabowle was in the league.

    It came down to the 10th frame and #1 in true Prestige Worldwide fashion couldn’t close and dropped low 117-104.

    Dick took the loss very hard, screaming at his teammates, “I QUIT YOU BUNCH OF FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!!!!!” He proceeded to race out of the building kicking the front door open, breaking it in the process and as the Commish questioned him on it he was seen crying and screaming running down the street giving the commish the middle finger, “ATTICA!!!!!! ATTICA!!!!!! ATTICA!!!!!”

    It was almost as good Cheddar getting a beer poured over his head while he leaned against the bench in pain after BEER’s round 1 exit in 2012. The Giants are falling, opening up what should be easier second round matches for some strong teams. Dick Kicker most certainly knows who Guacabowle is now!

  2. That was a great night at the lanes just hanging in the audience. Great drama and everyone loves an underdog!

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