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L.O.S. (13-3) -1 vs Leisure Rolls (13-3)

L.O.S. is finally on the doorstep of the championship they’ve seemed destined for for years. Precious and Double Cheese have put in the time, studying their games, pushing each other to get better. They’ve been favorites in many past tournament games but fallen to weaker opponents. I think their performance on Thursday should put that image behind them, that was the most clutch shot in league history. They also have Mr. Stiffy who is sometime forgotten about behind those guys. He had an excellent 2v2 season and showed what was to come – then he carried the team through the 1st round. Alley-Lujah is doing enough to win and had to work through a long night of five games yesterday. She comes up big in 10th frames if she’s within striking distance.

Leisure Rolls are the new guys, but like it or not they are playing like true BowlPortlanders. They will be drinking in the finals this year – shots! (On a side note, shots used to be a BoPo pre Finals tradition, and the rounds are on me if teams want them (Stiffy you can even get a Hot Toddy). Certainly not going to force it, but it sets a really good tone for the Championship. On another awesome side note, everyone in this matchup has learned to bowl mostly or entirely in BoPo or at Bayside. The homegrown nature of it is special and a really cool testament to the the self-taught, beer frame honed bowling skills we have all gained together. It’s a reminder that any of us can get to the top of BoPo with a just few seasons of learning here. First beer frame is on the house! ) They really have continued the traditional BoPo party ethos. I think that’s why they’re here. They don’t get tight in any situation. Sloppy will still be drinking out of a pitcher, Magic will still turn from every roll and give himself a quiet little round of applause, Insanal will still lose his mind at least once as his name implies, Gatch won’t have to pace himself – just like every week. They are a great foil for LOS.
I like this matchup a lot. On paper you see LOS’ three giant averages vs a team that had all four guys between 170-175 and think blowout. However the Rolls have the looseness and belief in themselves (they’ve won a lot of league championships before) plus they have Space Cadet who has been amazing. They should dominate last point each game, and then they are generally going to be solid across the board. They’ll let LOS beat themselves, if they will. If LOS plays confident and up to their potential they’ll get that title we’ve always thought they’d get. If they get tight and falter, the Rolls will be bowling confidently and consistently across from them happy to win it all in their first try.

I think LOS brings it home – hard to pick against Precious after Thursday – but this looks to me like match which will, for the first time in three years, deliver a game 3. The sound of that bowl off bell is still ringing in our ears, wouldn’t mind ringing it one last time…


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  1. Was this typed by a schizophrenic?

    Hey Trolls prepare to be crushed!

    Chris and Kerry

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