Week 2 lines (and voting still open for date of semis/finals)

So, our play-ins and quarterfinals are scheduled for Nov 20th.  The following Thursday is Thanksgiving, so we can either wait until Dec. 4th to play the finals on a Thursday, or we can play them on Sunday, Nov 23rd.


Now, the lines!

Colucci Kids (0-1) -3 vs Cilantro (1-0): Precious came out of the starting blocks on fire, posting a 219 average in week 1. Capt. Colucci also showed he’s in it to win it, playing Precious three times in an attempt to get the win. Ultimately they fell just short but I predict they’ll even their record in this one. Cilantro has a nice little team put together, but they’ll be Cheddarless in this one and it will be tough to overcome.

#7 Chernobes (0-1) -1 vs #2 Dick’s Picks (1-0): I’d go with Dick’s Picks in this one if Dick was going to be there, but a three day old baby should keep him away from the lanes. Dick’s had sweet team shirts right from the get go, and we’ve learned from past draft leagues things like that matter. Remember last year the ridiculous differential in records between teams with names and teams with no names. Dick’s was first with name and uni. Chernobes team, while nameless, overcomes some of that since it’s half Binga’s anyway. Jerk will lead them to .500

#3 Big Whoop (1-0) -3 vs Hexy’s Hooligans (0-1): Well they both have names so that’s a wash. This will be a showdown between the reigning women’s doubles champs Coco Lopez and McStriker. CoLo is off to a solid start and should bring her a-game against her teammate. Double Cheese has reached the point where being in 11th is a down result – but he’ll rebound.

Roadhouse (0-1) -1 vs Hot Sauced (1-0): The ‘House let one get away last week so they should come out hungry. I expect big bounce back games from the Captain and Natro. Hot Sauce was on the positive side of an 8-7 win. This week they get just the Filthy half of the McShifter combo, but he’ll be raring to roll after only playing once last week. Xander was the the biggest surprise of week 1 with a very impressive 202.5 average in 2 games. Nice work.

#1 McGuyvah (1-0) -5 vs Munj (0-1): OK, you shouldn’t read too much into one week, but Munj’s team got off to a rocky start. That said they seem like they also have an excellent camaraderie brewing. They look like heavy underdogs in this one but they also look like a team that could come together as the season progresses. McGuyvah’s team didn’t show that same level of enjoying themselves, but they bowled well and will continue to bowl well. I think they cruise to 2-0.

Late Games

T-Square (0-1) -5 vs Gatch (0-1): Both teams are coming off losses but in very different fashions. The T’s tied and only got the loss in a hard fought bolwoff battle. The Gatches looked lost without their Captain around and struggled to only 4 points. Bama will be looking for revenge this week and will take it out on whoever rolls next to him. T-Square got off to a nice start herself and is in it to win it. Gatch should be back for this one and will try to right the ship that looked a little rudderless last week. They have a lot of talent on the roster, maybe they turn it around quickly with the Cap back.

#5 Diesel (1-0) -5 vs Bombpop (0-1): Again it was just one week, but if the openers were any indication these teams are headed in opposite directions. Diesel is defending champ and owner of 4 BoPo major titles. He grabbed Bustah who was slipping in the draft, and Wing Alex is looking to redefine himself as Beef Wellington. If he gets anything out of Honey Nunny or Ruby Canary (who is getting in extra games as a Restaurant Leaguer) look out. The Bombs were a dud in week one and struggled to 2nd lowest average in the league. They’re too good to stay there, but they need to turn it around sooner rather than later in he one Bayside League where not everyone makes the playoffs. Oz should be inspired by the opportunity to bowl against his wife.

#6 100% Down (1-0) -3 vs Rick Vaughn (0-1): Slow Roll’s squad was shorthanded in week one but managed to come from 4-1 down to pull off an 8-7 squeaker with a little help from emergency sub, and re-retired Dr. Thunder. This week they get their #2 pick, #1, back, and seeing as it’s a team that may relay more on vibe than talent, having the whole crew together will be huge. While Down rallied from 4-1 down, the Vaughns gave away a 4-1 lead. IN game one 1st rounder Bijou Lowry put up a 220 but when she left after that the team’s fortunes changed. Ricky himself struggled mightily to lat place average in the league. He’ll be hungry to rebound. Cookie will be eager to beat his former Supah Deep mates to prove they made a mistake in the draft.

#4 Tootsie (1-0) -1 vs Squampch (1-0): Send your BoPo thoughts Skittles’ way today, as her health is forcing her to give up Draft League. She will be missed on the lanes and I know we all wish her well. Gutterboy’s Mom will take her spot on Tootsie’s roster as they try to build on an emotional week 1 bowl off win by Sparkles. Squampch missed week 1 but his team rolled off an impressive 13-2 victory. Cotter Martin was impressive even while babysitting at the bar. The team definitely seemed like strangers and didn’t talk much but they let their bowling talk, and now with their leader back they could be a dangerous team. I just think Tootsie has a little too much firepower in this battle of ex-Turkey Clubbers.

Deputy (1-0) -1 vs E-Motional (0-1): Tough start for big E running into the Dick’s Picks and a 12-3 loss in week 1. Their scores should rebound as E has now had a few days to incorporate his Jimmahclark lessons, and McQueen always bounces back. They face Deputy’s team, a group that picked up a big win and features a top three that are very used to bowling with each other. I see an E vs Dep bowl off coming.

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