Opening Thursday-ish

A bunch of Thursday teams have already played, but today is the official Thursday kickoff.  Sort of.  We have a private party from 5-7:30, then we open up and have 12 lanes of late shift BoPo.

Before the lines a couple of new BoPo extras coming your way.  The guys who brought you last year’s season preview video have been in the lab working on even grander vision…the season 8 season preview trailer should be screening next week (both nights).  Secondly for those looking for a more multimedia approach to BoPo recaps, there will be a short, weekly podcast called ‘Rooftop Sessions’ where a few of us will wrap up the league’s action and release the new weekly rankings each week.

Now, tonight!

Predictions record so far: 8-6

Game of the Week

Spare of the Dog (-3) vs Guacabowle: Mona Laudley’s Yay! has changed names to Spare of the Dog, and added Coco Lopez.  They are a sleeper team in Thursday A with excellent women bowlers and some guys who have had big seasons in the past like Yao Romo and Bombpop.  Guacabowle is making their A division debut, but they have proven the last few years in the playoffs they can hang with (and beat) some of the top teams in the league.  They have been putting in a ton of time all offseason and look ready to pull off some big wins again, but I’ll take the Dogs here.

All Game Late

BUI (-1) vs Bowled and Beautiful: This difficult pattern is going to lead to a lot of upsets. These two teams start the season looking like middle of the pack Thursday A teams but I fully expect them both to win some games no one saw coming.  This time they play each other.  Snapshot is coming off a Draft League title as an honorary Binga’s member, and his team gets the slight edge in this one.  B&B will be confident too – they knocked off SOD in the playoffs last year and that should propel them to a nice season.  Hoping for a bowl off here.

IBS (-2) vs Dirty Half Dozen: These are 8th year teams, albeit with some changes.  IBS has had multiple names  (Die Gassenjungen, anyone?) but the main crew has been rocking the lanes since BoPo started, and last year was their best ever with a Thursday B title.  DHD reached the finals of BoPo 1 & 2, but has since changed names four times (Tequila Mockingbirds, Clockwork Oranges, etc) and become a B team and 7 year Captain Riggs has resigned.  This year the franchise returns to it’s nominal roots, and brings on a ton of new players, including Hark Attack.

Roll Another (-3) vs 5 O’Clocks: Chupacabra has his team back for an 8th season, kudos!  They should get off to a decent start this year playing the 5 O’s who have yet to put together a winning record.  Tillie’s crew does have a good time on the lanes, and Automatic has been putting in the time and buying equipment and hopes to be a force in Thursday B, but I’ll need to see a result first before favoring them.

Lovernauts (-5) vs Bad News Spares: These are a couple of teams that really represent what BoPo is all about in the way they have fun and get after it every week.  The Lovernauts are looking to have a strong season under new Cap Rufio (we’ll miss you Ichy Love!) and are heavy favorites in this one.  The Spares keep battling and having fun on the lanes in the face of a ton of losses.  They may have another losing season ahead of them , but they will not be denied a party!

Lesbowlians (-1) vs Bowlderdash: This could be a close one.  Tilt-A-Whirl leads the Lesbowlians and should be able to rack up some points in this one.  Bowlderdash has been getting in a few practices, but so have Lesbowlians.  Overall it’s a close matchup between friendly rivals, but having to pick one I’ll take the team with the top bowler.


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