Week 2: Now We’re Rolling

What a first week!  The Sunday match ups with big crowds and a banner unveiling, 2 shifts of 12 on Tuesday, then a special Thursday night with just late games but all 12 going.  Plus the debut of the Rooftop Sessions, rankings and stats being done on time, we’re off to a solid start.  This week 4 more teams make their debut.

Here’s the deal tonight.  We have 8 lanes early and 10 late, with the remaining lanes being used all night by a raucous Buck’s Naked staff party (which I will be bar tending with Hootie for).  Should have two DJ’s, lucky train has a Moosehead car on it, 6 shots for the price of 5!  Looks like the season preview movie is being pushed back one week.  New Rooftop Sessions will be released on Saturday.

Predictions record: 13-7

Bye Weeks: #5 Binga’s, BILF

Game of the Night

#3 XXX Club (1-0) -3 vs #8 Sons of Danarchy (0-0)

This is the one everyone’s talking about (at least the four drunk and ^ guys on the podcast).  XXX Club is a definite title contender this year.  They’ve put in the time and maybe this roster move was finally the one that works.  Roadhouse looks like he is now firmly in the BoPo elite, and Tango and E-Minor are extremely capable.  Throw in two playoff tested girls and a clutch Herk and they’ve got all the pieces.  Sons of Danarchy is usually ranked too high then fall in the playoffs.  This year they’re probably stoked to be ranked so low as they want to stay off the radar and use last year’s first round playoff exit as fuel.  They’ve got most of their pieces back, plus free agent Mindy (bowling name TBD) who will step in to VG Jess’ spot.  They have as much talent as ever, will this be the year they get the results to match?  A win over T-Club to start their season would be a big statement. (Oh, and Facebook says it’s “Kiss a Ginger Day”, so pucker up Dwayne Luther!)

Early Games

Strikes of Hazzard (0-1) -3 vs Saucy Posse (0-3): I’ve seen Uncle Jesse drunk a number of times, hell we all have, but he took his game to a new level this Saturday.  He drunkenly wreaked havoc all over the building, spilling and breaking with abandon, even showing up on the roof by himself at one point.  So it is with much reluctance I pick his team to win.  Marne was killing it at practice yesterday, though, and General Lee is the best bowler in the match.  SauPo kept it close vs. UREA! last week, but that may have been one of the more winnable games on their schedule.

ICBING (1-0) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (0-1): Things always seem to break just wrong for the Wrecking Balls, and it happened again last week in what seems like their 100th 8-7 loss.  They have a better team this year, and a win over ICBING would mark a big step forward.  However I see ICBING pulling this one out.  Fabio should move up from his 119 avg, and this team will keep teaching the rest of the league how to really enjoy your Tuesday.

My Balls (0-0) -3 vs 3 Livers (1-0): The Livers pulled off a thrilling 8-7 win over the Pinups last week, but now face a much stiffer test.  From what I hear, Larry isn’t walking in that door, Hank isn’t walking in that door either.  My Balls are eager to start the season after a bye week, and eager to defend their Tuesday B crown.  Bubbles (BoPo co-founder) is coming out of retirement this year and should help the team be even better.  Oh, Big Red get ready for Kiss a Ginger Day too!

Nuts (1-0) -5 vs Pinups (0-1): The Nuts looked to be a franchise adrift after losing Busta and Peanut.  Then they opened with a monster game and all of a sudden look like a possible contender for the Tuesday B crown.  Salty was a beast and Herbie has done a great job assembling a new squad (and let’s not forget Ruby Canary averaging over 150).  The Pinups are going to look back on that 3 Livers 8-7 loss as the one that got away as the losses start to mount.  Then again they’ve never been bothered by losses in their first 7 seasons, and are probably having more fun than some of the teams with winning records.

Late Games

#2 Yahtzee (1-0) -4 vs Off Constantly (0-1):  Yahtzee held on for a nice 8-7 win in week 1 paced by Pauly Ringwald’s 599 series.  They have a team that can produce a different top dog each week, so this week it may be Cheddar, or Deputy, or even Sparkles with a big rebound week.  OC got pushed around a little by BIB in their opener.  Oz looked as comfortable as always on a night where lots of traditionally strong bowlers had very low scores.  Their new merchandise looks strong, too.  They do get geeked for playing against Cheddar-led teams so maybe they keep this one close.

#4 Back in Black (1-0) -3 vs Cape Fear (1-0):  Well, well, well, Cape Fear is finally where they belong inTuesday A.  They won’t ease into it, either, playing one of the top teams in the division.  These teams do have a history with each other – Cape came within a frame of pulling the greatest BoPo playoff upset of all time when, as a B team, they took a loaded BIB team to the wire in an 8-7 loss.  Now they have Southpaw and Soccer Dad and Bacon has the leading woman average in the league.  Back In Black will be adjusting to post-Stevie life for some time, but got off to a fine start with the new guy, Brooklyn, putting up a big game when Bama and G-Boi were off.  It shouldn’t take long for those two guys to adjust.

Budweisers (0-1) -1 vs No Eye Deer (1-0):  This will be very interesting.  The Budweisers graciously accepted the move form Tuesday A to Tuesday B as they are an expansion team, and now we’ll see how they react on the lanes.  Will they be hungry to prove they are a top team and crush in B, or be bummed about the move and play down.  If they don’t bring their best game No Eye Deer will gladly take the win.  They pulled off a nice 8-7 win last week and Disco Welder has her new motivator in Burt.  This could be a great game, would love to see the Buds get their first ever bowl off with the bowl-off vet Burt on the other side.

Splits Happen (1-0) -1 vs Incredibowls (0-1): Going out on a limb here as everyone knows I never pick Splits (and they thrive on the perceived slight).  When I do pick them it usually doesn’t pan out.  Wedgehead has put in the time and invested in the equipment, Xander always shows up and Cotter Martin will end with the best average of anyone you don’t know.  The Incredibowls welcomed back Boston this season, who reunites with Sweet Baby Lou to give them some of their old core back.  Spidey is an all-star who had a rough week and God of Thunder should be back.  This should be a good game to watch.

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