3rd Tuesday

Let’s just get into it.

Predictions record: 25-15

Game of the Week (late)

#4 Binga’s (1-0) -3 vs #8 Turkey Club (1-1): We all may have overreacted to T-Club’s week 1 win, so now I’ll overreact to their week 2 loss.  They battle Binga’s in a great rivalry game tonight (watch your back Jim Tom).  The Club should rebound scorewise tonight but Binga’s will be coming in hot after having to sit out a week.  I’m guessing that eagerness to hit the lanes outweighs any rust from a week off.  I also think Jerk’s week 1 was just a taste of things to come.

Early Games

Off Constantly (0-2) -1 vs Cape Fear (1-1): OC looks to pick up a win against Tuesday A newcomers Cape Fear.  The Capers had a solid debut in A taking the lead on BIB last week but couldn’t hold on.  OC has taken their lumps for a couple weeks but could get out of the basement with a win here and would like to protect their aura by holding off these new challengers.  There was some talk on Rooftop Sessions about Dick Liquor breaking out the space helmet – could be a good move, but maybe it will wait til a late game.

Splits Happen (1-1) -1 vs Wrecking Balls (0-2): I’ve proven I’m terrible at predicting Splits games but I have to go with something, so here they are as 1 point favorites.  I’ll just randomly guess Xander rolls a 200 tonight.  The Wreck have lost 8-7 and 8.5-6.5 despite having one of the better B averages.  They seem to find ways to lose late, so I’ll venture it happens again here when Cotter Martin strikes out in the 10th frame of game 3 to edge The Dude for a point and the match.

#4 Back in Black (2-0) -5 vs BEER (0-2): This looked like a good one when the schedule first came out but right now it looks like a mismatch.  BIB is 2-0 and hasn’t been pushed that hard even bowling far below their ability.  BEER has dropped two 1 point games, including to a team making their Division A debut.  You could say there are multiple bowlers who are due in this one, but if that’s the case it’s most likely Bama who will dominate.  This is a rare early game for BEER so maybe that gives them a slight boost and helps them force a game 3.

#3B My Balls (1-0) -5 vs Pinups (0-2): The Balls will be shorthanded tonight with Barry Violet and Bubbles out of town, but Wej and Big Red should be able to lead the team to another comfortable win.  The pinups are putting up good fights, and Manson had a nice 200 last week, but I think they are overmatched in this one.

#1B ICBING (2-0) -3 vs No Eye Deer (1-1): This should be a hotly contested, well lubricated match.  ICBING is upping their game this year with the signs and chants.  Their partying is also still in peak form.  No Eye Deer will definitely try to party with them but most teams that try that route vs ICBING roll drunken gutterballs by game 3.  This will be a fun one to be a player in.

Late Games

#2 Yahtzee (2-0) -5 vs Ball That (2-0): Yahtzee handled OC in week 2 after edging BEER in week 1.  If they maintain their focus playing an A division newbie they should get to 3-0.  Sprankles looks ready to start salvaging his average and should be the next guy to go off for the Red Menace.  Ball That announced themselves as an A team last week with a come from behind win over BEER.  If they could pull off back to back upsets they’d be sitting at 3-0 in their first season of Tuesday A and definitely make their debut in the top 8.  Gutterlicious may be back but What’s Her Face was very strong last week, and Samsquampch is leading the way.  They’ll have the underdog fan support if they can keep this close.

#5 Sons of Danarchy (1-0) -5 vs Saucy Posse (0-2):  SOD came out hungry in their debut and demolished the highly ranked T-Club.  Now they have to maintain that focus going in as heavey favorites.  The Dentist was a week 1 revelation and now we’ll see if that’s something he might be be able to continue.  SauPo sometimes plays their best games when noone expects it, so I think they’ll bowl well here, but probably lose some really close, high scoring matchups in game 1 then lose their momentum.

#4B Budweisers (1-1) -1 vs Incredibowls (1-1): I have very high hoped for a bowloff here.  The Budweisers could have a great run in B this year, but the Incredibowls are always a toughout.  Spidey is way overdue, and I think he has a big comeback week this week, maybe setting up a one on one showdown with Pickup Truck for all the marbles.

BILF (0-1) -1 vs Three Livers (1-1): BILF has a 50 pin advantage in team average, but it is only a one game sample and they tend to find ways to lose.  Three Livers struggled last week after a thrilling 8-7 win in week 1.  This should be a back and forth match and Bernie vs Captain Collection should be the source of some fun trash talking.  I’ll go BILF in a nailbiter.


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