Thursday Lines

Well I didn’t get any picks wrong on Tuesday. First cancellation in BoPo history. It felt wrong, but in the end was probably the right call.

Predictions record: 39-21

Game of the week

LATE GAME: Lovernauts (3-0) -3 vs Bowlderdash (2-0): Since BoPo created B divisions, no B team has advanced past the sweet 16, but some B teams have pulled off amazing 1st round playoff upsets. These are two teams in B that yes, want to win the B title, but are thinking big, about playoff upsets and magical postseason runs too. The Lovernauts have made a big leap this year under Rufio with Slugga stepping up and Rubbys providing a boost as a free agent. Luka and Rinni are longtime Lovers psyched to see the franchise turnaround and Sundown and Flannel Mayhem are relative newcomers. Bowlderdash is also undefeated and just this week brought in Jimmy Clark for a team lesson, the first B team I can remember ever doing that. That’s why Michael Bowlton is a former Captain of the Year. Sweet Tamm has been killing it (6th best B average) and Boys McCracken has had some strong games. If they could pull of the upset here they’d be feeling pretty good about themselves. I think the Lovernauts end up pulling it off, however, and though it’s very early have a real look at running the table.

Early Games

5 O’Clocks (1-2) -3 vs Dirty Half Dozen (0-2): The 5 O’s have been up and down this season but can get back to .500 with a win here, and they have the rollers to get there. Automatic and Hark Attack should trade punches at the top spot with Tillie leading her troops the rest of the way. DHD will put up a fight as they are eager to get a first win.

#1 L.O.S. (2-0) -1 vs Guns of Brighton (0-3): This one gets interesting when you learn that Precious is out, and very interesting if you believe the rumor that Cheese might miss too. If so it’s Stiffy, Nugget, Ali and Shithawk trying to keep the record unblemished. Shithawk has been impressive in practice and will relish the opportunity to be in the spotlight. G.O.B. is 0-3 and desperate and waiting for Pickles to break out and lead them. If he does that tonight (with no Twin Towers) GOB could have the strangest start in the league with three losses and a single win – against the #1 team in the league.

Lesbowlians (1-2) -7 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-2): Though Pud’s has been out of the league a few years this was always a very fun, friendly rivalry. In the past Pud’s had the upper hand but the Lesbowlians have improved drastically while Pud’s is taking their lumps in readjusting to BoPo. These teams will be psyched to bowl each other again, but the Lesbowlains should cruise to victory.

Roll Another (3-0) -1 vs Happy hands (1-2): The records indicate and easy win for Roll Another but Happy Hands is just starting to round into form. Munj will put up some big scores in this one, but I think the Package will too. This should go right to the wire but I think Chupacabra’s squad will eek it out to remain undefeated.

#4 Linguists (3-0) -3 vs BUI (1-1): Col. Angus’ season long injury turned out to heal in less than 1 week. La Ga is still dominating and Gutterslut puts up a lot of big scores. The Linguists will try to take advantage of Windeisle and Wildcard’s last pre-honeymoon match to stay in 1st place. BUI is capable of pulling the upset in this one. They didn’t get the result they sought vs Leisure Rolls but they have a strong team. This one could be close.

Late Games

Lesiure Rolls (2-1) -10 vs Granola Bowlahs (0-3): Granola actually bowled a lot better last week with the return of Razor, and there is always the chance Bijou will show up at one of these games, but they are probably going to lose a lot of games by a lot of points. To their credit they were having a blast last week bowling in shades and not giving f*%$s. The Rolls are on a mission since their week one loss and drop in the rankings. This one won’t earn them many style points but they’ll be feeling good at 3-1.

Pinny Candy (1-2) -1 vs I.B.S. (1-2): It seems crazy to think defending A champ IBS could lose a 3rd straight and fall to 1-3 but that’s what the team averages suggest for this one. Oolie was a hero last week during the computer crash by keeping the crowd loose and entertained leading them in the wave. Now if the computers work he can try to channel that energy into some big scores. Pinnyy Candy has put up a surpising amount of big scores and could sneak back to .500 with a win in this one. Almond Joy is sitting in the top 10 and Pay Day has a 200. I like them in a squeaker.

Bowled and Beautiful (1-2) -1 vs Spare of the Dog (2-1): I’ve been a B&B believer though they only have one win. Viking is the real deal and Billy James and Saw put up strong numbers last week. Eventually Beaujolais will figure it out, and Jenerator has a long run of clutch performances from her Katie Made dynasty. The only reason I have the line so close is Spare’s recent signing Coco Lopez. She put up an insane 650 series in 2v2 this week and could battle Viking all night. If she gets some help from Yao they could pull this off, but I’m really hoping for a Lopez/Viking bowloff.

TDYOB (1-1) -1 vs UREA! (2-1): Which TDYOB was more realistic? The 12-3 winning, top score averaging week 1 squad, or the 12-3 losing, average deflating week 2 bunch? They will be down to a more reasonable number of players tonight, and Steff Infection’s injury seems to be gone, so I’m giving them the slight edge. Pistol (3) and Senator ITZ (6) and Roy Munson (8) are all in the top 10 and that’s impressive depth if those averages hold for a while. UREA! Has proven me wrong before and will go for it again. T-$ now has back to back strong weeks and has surged to 4th in average. He’ll need all of that to pull a win out in this one.

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