We’re Back!

Man that stunk canceling games last Tuesday, but 2 feet of snow is a little much even for BoPo.  That said we are ON for this Thursday, even with snow, as they aren’t predicting another two-footer.  We have one re-scheduled game so far: Yahtzee vs Cape Fear this Friday at 5:30.


Predictions: 44-26

Game of the Night

EARLY #2 Back in Black (3-0) -1 vs #1 Yahtzee (3-0):  Though Thunder thinks the rankings were rigged to set it up this way it’s pretty hard to argue that this isn’t a great matchup.  Both teams roll in undefeated, both teams have title aspirations.  Back in Black has had a different hero each week, Yahtzee has just been getting through as a team.  I’m join with Back in Black partially due to Cheddar’s self-diagnosed ‘zombie foot’ and Sparkles hopefully non-contagious chicken pox (though that could be a boost if it psychologically rattles BIB).  It’s an early game so I expect some high scoring duels.

Early Games

Strikes of Hazzard (1-1) -1 vs  #7 Sons of Danarchy (1-1): Hazzard will be impossible to handicap this year as they have two ace bowlers with completely unpredictable attendance.  I think they can get by tonight with just one of the two as they have a 26 pin higher average than SOD and have only had one each game.  L.B. Davenport and General Lee are a fearsome duo.  S.O.D. had a huge opening night win, then a fall back to Earth in game 2.  It’s hard to know how teams will react to this long layoff, but I like Hazzard on the early lanes.

Splits Happen (2-1) -1 vs No Eye Deer (1-2): Wow, lots of good match ups.  Lost in the drop off in average for A teams with this challenging pattern is the fact that B team averages are up.  That sets up a potentially very interesting postseason.  These two are a couple of 550+ average teams battling in B.  I never get Splits games right in my picks but I do like them in this one.  Cotter Martin and Xander Rolle are the quietest 1-2 punch in the league but they get the job done, and Wedgehead has the highest range of possible scores as a 3rd.  NED is resilient and may rally themselves here – Burt is still looking for his first bolwoff this year (in fact, no bowloffs in the whole league yet, crap!)  Let’s do this guys…TIE! TIE! TIE!

#3B My Balls (2-0) -3 vs #4B Nuts (2-0): Damn, another great matchup!  These two teams are right at the top of the B standings and should have a hotly contested match. My Balls are where you’d expect them to be…on top.  They were there last year and are kind of a big deal.  Nuts are a little bit of a surprise, having lost their top players, but they are swollen with confidence and poised to explode in a tight one.  I’m going to have to go with My Balls in this one, but expect a battle.

7:15 Game

#1B ICBING (3-0) -1 vs Budweisers (1-2): I don’t look at the entire schedule before I start writing lines so I keep being pleasantly surprised by these match ups – this is going to be an incredible night of games!  We deserve it after the blizzard.  ICBING is reigning Team of the Year (an award that beginning this year will be voted on by the Council of Keglers rather than just Hungus, same as MVP).  They are also undefeated, ranked 1st, and still partying harder than your team.  Budweisers are up for this challenge I think.  They started in A and graciously (but reluctantly ) moved to B at the Commisioner’s request.  They’d love to prove they are in the hunt for top of B with a win over the top ranked team.  They just have to handle the alcohol that will be coming their way.

Late Games

Off Constantly (0-3) -1 vs Ball That (2-1): Call me crazy but I think OC gets their first win here.  They may have been the happiest team in the league at the blizzard to gain more time to get their games together.  They are desperate and I think it’ll pay off.  Dick really needs the helmet.  Ball That is not the least bit intimidated by dusty old banners as they showed in beating BEER.  They’d love to add another former champ’s scalp to their collection.

B.E.E.R. (0-3) -1 vs Cape Fear (2-1): Another desperate group of olds should rally for their first win tonight though the competition is stiff.  B.E.E.R. is hungry to bowl after being denied their opportunity last week despite several attempts to reschedule.  They still have the #5 average in the league for what it’s worth (nothing).  McQueen is taking his annual midseason disappearance (three weeks) after this one so he’d like to say goodbye on a high note.  Cape Fear is a very good team with three potential all-stars.  Bacon has top woman average in the league.  They will battle and right now Southpaw would be the favorite in any potential bowl off matchup.

#6 Binga’s (1-1) -5 vs Saucy Posse (1-2): SauPo broke out two weeks ago with a huge upset over S.O.D.  Can they continue it vs Binga’s?  That seems like a hill too far.  Uncle Popo was a beast for them vs SOD, but they’ll need more than 150’s to stop the Jah Express.  Binga’s is chomping at the bit to get back on the lanes and reassert themselves.  Former Sparkplug Award winner Hot Mango is going to blow up tonight I think – 210 range.

Incredibowls (2-1) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (0-3): Despite their winless start the Wreck actually has the higher team average in this one.  They are just adept at finding painful ways to lose.  Incredibowls should get to 3-1 if they bowl anything like their last game.  God of Thunder had a couple 200’s in that one.  Eventually Spidey will make an adjustment and start stroking too.  This is a dangerous postseason team.

BILF (1-1) -3 vs Pinups (0-3): As the losses add up the Pinups will keep looking back at the one that got away in the week 1 8-7 loss to Three Livers.  Manson did punch out a 200 last time out, and they look better than in years’ past, but all of B Division has improved.  BILF is poised to get to 2-1, but that’s usually when they underwhelm, just when they look ready to go on a run.  Capt. Collection is going to change that this time and get them over the hump.






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