I posted yesterday about the all-star game.  It’s Friday, Feb 27th at 5:30, smaller than usual – top 9 guys and 6 girls from each night, average cutoff is Feb 20th so we have a week to find replacements for folks who can’t attend.


Ok, getting a little rhythm back now with games Tuesday and Thursday this week (and a Friday night lights game between Cape Fear and Yahtzee tomorrow). Let’s get into it.

Predictions: 52-28

Game of the Night

#4 L.O.S. (2-1) -3 vs #8 TDYOB (2-1): Well I believe both towers are back to help LOS recover from their first loss. They’re both looking up at Mr. Stiffy right now who has been excellent. Free agent signing Nugget has bowled extremely well too. Cheese will be solid but how will Precious handle crazy Japan jet lag and a late lane? TDYOB would have a better shot with their whole lineup, but they are going to be without Munson, ITZ and Shifter for this one. They’ll be relying on pure emotion and noise from Lou Dawg and Dr. Thunder, as well as three regulars Farmer, Steff and Pistol Pete. I think Stiffy may be too much to overcome.

 Early Games

Guns of Brighton (1-3) -1 vs Leisure Rolls (3-1): This pick is heavily influenced by start time. If this were a late game I’d take the rolls by 3 or 4. Early, though, and GOB’s talent edge with Mr. Pickles and Railroad can come to the surface instead of this turning into a 160’s slugfest which would favor the rolls. Insanal is fired up to ‘get in Pickles’ head’, so there’s that. Seatown and Shooter McGill are playing together tonight for a CBL title, tomorrow they face off against each other. Should be close but I think GOB’s gets their 2nd win.

#3 Cunning Linguists (4-0) -3 vs Bowled & Beautiful (1-3): The Linguists are the story of the season so far with their surprising start. Last week they bowled like a legit title contender and welcomed in Roo who could be a difference maker for them. La Gatita is one of the only lady anchor bowlers and has been dominant so far this season. B&B has a top 5 bowler in Viking and a whole crew of solid rollers – good enough o upset anyone, but hard to predict regular wins from. I’ve been getting their games wrong all year but I’m on Linguists to get to 5-0.

I.B.S. (2-2) -5 vs Five O’Clock Somewheres (1-3): I.B.S. are a bunch of streaky poopsters. They had a nice win last week and this week get back to being favorites, but are a very difficult crew to predict. The 5 O’s are on a bit of a slide and would have to really pull off some strong games to get this upset. They do have the rivalry angle with former IBS (under earlier name) rollers Tillie and Felty battling Oolie and What Wut. Automatic is due for his inaugural 200 of 2015.

Pinny Candy (1-3) -1 vs Roll Another (3-1): Not sure why I keep picking Pinny Candy. Actually, yeah I do – they have a really solid team average. They have a handful of 200’s. They seem like they should have more wins. Roll Another on the other hand sneakily won their first 3 without any big scores. They did lose 15-0 last week, but they were missing The Package. Well, I have to pick someone.

Bolwderdash (2-1) -7 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-3): Bowlderdash put up a great battle against Lovernauts in last week’s Game of the Night (8-7 loss). The positive view would be that they gained some meaningful experience from that contest, but for a team with an Oscar Wilde quote on their jerseys perhaps his quote “experience is just the name we give our mistakes” is more fitting.   Pud’s Taxi is all about experiencing everything. They’ve had a couple tight games and a blowout, but the scores are pretty irrelevant to their experience.

 Late Games

UREA! (2-2) – 7 vs Granola Bowlahs (0-4): Another tough one for Granola – they all will be. T-$ has been looking really good to start the season, and UREA! Is hungry for a win so should come out aggressive. Granola is really doing a good job of appreciating the party aspects of BoPo. They are embracing the ‘whatever, we’re hanging with our friends drinking and bowling together every Thursday night” ethos and it will serve them well. Hell, it is a great way to get through the winter.  UPDATE: Granola may only have three regulars, not sure if that’s a bad or good thing.

BUI (1-2) -1 vs Guacabowle (1-2): BUI had a big night last Thursday but ran into a Linguist buzzsaw. G-Unit and Snapshot both posted 200’s and both look to do it again this week. Guacabowle didn’t move to A division to be a punching bag, and they will be gunning to even their record in this one. None of them have had a signature game yet, but maybe Cilantro or Sparetime breaks through tonight.

Lesbowlians (2-2) -9 vs Bad News Spares (1-2): The Lesbowlians should be able to cruise to a winning record in this one, a contest that should be a love in. They just have to keep their focus. The Spares got a great 8-7 win under their belt this year (to go along with a couple shutout losses) so they are ahead of schedule on the record front.

DHD (1-2) -1 vs Happy Hands (2-2): A few days ago a ‘Jay Fuller’ posted on the smack board about trying to hook up with DHD as their Thursday sub. Tonight he broke a rake. Before that, though, he had a 267-195. His bowling name is Hard Knox, and he should make all the difference in this one as a ‘sub’. The Hands can still win with their excellent depth, but keep an eye on Hard Knox.

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