Tuesday Lines

Good watching tonight.  A couple original team match ups, a #1 vs #5, a prodigal son contest and some killer B games.

Predictions: 59-31

Game of the Week

LATE: #1 Back in Black (4-0) -3 vs #5 Sons of Danarchy (2-1): We had a good split on this one during the podcast. All the hosts were on BIB, the two guests went with SOD. BIB has two 8-7 wins (Yahtzee and BEER) but being undefeated in Tuesday A is still a really impressive feat. S.O.D. has had two impressive wins and a baffling loss. Sometimes getting that first loss out of the way is a relief since everyone is making the playoffs and once you aren’t undefeated there’s less to worry about. Wondering if that’s the case for SOD. If so they’ll do well here as there is less pressure on them. Still I just think BIB has a great lineup with three capable aces and G-Boi’s Mom rolling at an all-star clip.

 Early Games

#1B ICBING (4-0) -7 vs Three Livers (1-3): It’s always a treat when a couple Team of the Year winners meet up. ICBING has added solid bowling to their TOTY resume and are in 1st place and undefeated. They should get to 5-0 unless Nutter Gutter’s comments on the podcast about her teammates opened up some hidden wounds. Three Livers hoping Hank walks through the door.

Off Constantly (1-3) -3 vs Saucy Posse (1-3): Maybe Nubes knew what he was doing afterall delaying his blizzard makeup game. OC looked sharp in picking up their first win (convincing fashion, 14-1) and look like favorites to keep righting the ship against Saucy Posse. SauPo had ana amazing win over SOD but that looks like an anomaly right now. Still they should get up for a battle between original BoPo teams.

Wrecking Balls (0-4) -1 vs Pinups (1-3): Upset alert? Not really a reach as Wrecking Balls have the higher average in this one, but they are winless. I think they break that streak. These are also two original teams with a long history. In 2009 The Dude finished two places higher than brother Hungus in average, he needs to channel that Dude to get his team on the board. Pinups had a nice win last week and have had some bowlers put up pretty big games. They are stronger than they looked early.

#6 Turkey Club (2-1) -5 vs Cape Fear (2-3): The Club hasn’t bowled a match in 20 days. Cape Fear has bowled 2 BoPo matches in the last 6 days. Unfortunately for Fear they lost them both, and things don’t get any easier tonight. The Club has been here a lot, drinking and bowling like they supposed to, so they aren’t exactly rusty, but that is a long layoff and it will be interesting to see how they look after the break.

#2B My Balls (3-0) -1 vs Budweisers (1-3): Budweisers actually have the higher average in this one. They’ve been a tough luck team to start 1-3 with their scores but the schedule doesn’t get any easier for them playing #2 the week after losing 8-7 to the #1 team. My Balls were in trouble last week until Wej had a Yahtzee in game 2 to keep them alive and then the team got all 5 in game three to win 8.5-6.5. They are battle tested and this should be an excellent match. Maybe Wej’s first ever bowloff?

Late Games

#7 Binga’s (2-1) -5 vs Ball That (2-2): Binga’s got by SauPo last week even with Jerk off his game. Tso was solid and the team has great depth and obviously great energy. Hot Mango is due for a big night (watched some 2010 recap videos last week and saw two straight weeks of Mango 200s. Ball That won their first 2 A games and now have lost 2 in a row. Every win in A is a struggle. They should bowl better than last week but this is a tough opponent.

BILF (1-2) -1 vs No Eye Deer (1-3): BILF let one get away last week and look to get back on track this week against a struggling NED squad. Burt The Bandit hasn’t had a signature game yet this season and I expect it soon, may be tonight, but I think BILFs depth can overcome that (unless Tush Christ blows up too). A Danks vs Burt bowloff would be something to see.

Incredibowls (3-1) -3 vs Nuts (2-1): The Nuts just fell out of the power 4, and the Incredibowls just moved in. Will they stay on those respective trajectories or can Nuts flip the script? Incredibowls have always been a dangerous playoff time from back in the Boston-Shibs-Leave Blank-Sweet Baby Lou days. Now with God of Thunder and Spidey no A team wants them early. Nuts have been getting great bowling from Ruby Canary who looks like a solid all-star, and then just solid scores accross the board with no real top dog. That formula will win a lot of games but not this one.

#4 Yahtzee (4-1) -5 vs Strikes of Hazzard (1-2): The Deputy bowl! Yahtzee lost their first one last week 8-7 to BIB, but rebounded with a Friday night crushing of Cape Fear. Now they roll Hazzard with former Strike Deputy. If Uncle Jesse was ever going to call in the cavalry of both Gen. Lee and L.B. Davenport tonight would be the time, against his Judas. Strikes have the potential to be great if they get the whole gang together. I’m basing this line on just one of the Strike studs showing up.

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  1. XXX CLUB…drinkin like they supposed to, rollin like they supposed to, shining like they supposed to.

  2. If he channels 2009 Dude he will be rocking 142s tonight, not sure that is what the Balls are looking for……

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