Another Round of Lines

Back in Black stayed undefeated, can the Linguists?  Wrecking Balls got their first win leaving no winless Tuesday teams, can Pud’s win?

Couple of courtesy notes: Early teams (and waitstaff) would appreciate just a minute or two after their games before they are swarmed by 2nd shifters.  Also, late teams would like early teams to finish on time so if you are early you should have your team lineup entered in the computer during warmups so 1st ball is right at 5:45.  Help each other out.

Predictions: 67-33

Game of the Week

LATE: #2 Cunning Linguists (5-0) -3 vs TDYOB (2-2): Probably getting tired of TDYOB in games of the week but it’s hard to argue against this pick.  The Linguists are undefeated, and TDYOB is good enough to have a solid shot at them.  La Gatita has been lights out and Roo is looking like an all-star.  Gutterslut and EHD have been great complementary pieces.  TDYOB has the whole party back together tomorrow and they will try to rattle the quiet Linguists with their screaming and drinking.  I wouldn’t be shocked by the upset, but I do think Linguists pull it off.

Early Games

#3 L.O.S. (3-1) -7 vs Bowled and Beautiful (1-4): I think B&B has given me the bulk of my incorrect picks.  I can’t figure them out.  They should get crushed in this one so expect a bowl off.  Viking will relish the chance to play the Twin Towers, but while they battle Stiffy will probably just quietly get a 650 series.  We’ve seen defending champs look dominant before but never get that repeat.  L.O.S. certainly has a look at being the first.

B.U.I. (2-2) -3 vs UREA! (2-3): UREA lost a shocker last week to Granola, but that made Granola’s season so they probably don’t feel bad about it.  T-$ wasn’t even there and he should be this week.  B.U.I. won in incredible fashion with Snapshot taking the season’s first bowl off.  He and G-Unit have done extremely well, and don’t sleep on Duke Thunderwood either.

Spare of the Dog (3-1) -1 vs Guns of Brighton (1-4): This one’s interesting.  Spare of the Dog as a franchise usually has a stinker right when you start to think they’re pretty good, but that was all before they added Coco Lopez.  Guns of Brighton looks dead in the water, but that makes them pretty dangerous.  This has upset written all over it but I’m kookoo for Coco Lopez right now and think she leads them to the victory by the slimmest of margins.

Happy Hands (2-3) -11 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-4):  Pud’s is the last winless team, and it looks like it will stay that way for a while.  Luckily they don’t care at all, they are a party team enjoying drinking with each other every Thursday.  Cheers.  Happy hands won’t show any mercy as they look to rebound from a surprise loss to DHD, a game they lost despite bowling the best they have all season.  They are starting to heat up and will get back to .500.

Lesbowlians (3-2) -1 vs Roll Another (4-1): Ok, so Roll Another lost 15-0, then won 15-0.  Little bit streaky.  They are 4-1, but I think Lesbowlians are going to bring it in this one.  They are 3-2 with a couple of softer wins, and now have another chance to battle the middle tier of the division.  Tilt-A-Whirl is current free bowler, and I think she adds a win to her list of weekly accomplishments.

Late Games

Guacabowle (1-3) -5 vs Granola Bowlahs (1-4):  The Bowlahs had a huge sigh of relief after picking up win number one last week.  They should play even looser now, and they get Rick Vaughn back.  Guac lost a heartbreaker in a bowl off last week and are hungry to get a second win.  They’ll get it here.

Pinny Candy (1-4) -7 vs Bad News Spares (1-3): One of the members of Pinny Candy submitted a bill in the legislature recently to make sure he was getting a full 16oz of beer when he ordered a pint.  There’s a team that has their priorities right!  He’ll be happy throwing back legit 16oz Bayside pints all night as his team picks up that elusive 2nd win.  The Bad News Spares will take any size drink as they will be lost in their weekly team party/bowling match.  I don’t think they’ll win the game but I do think they’ll win the party.

#3B Lovernauts (4-0) -5 vs Five O’Clocks (1-4): Some teams hate lanes 1-2 (Binga’s, Saucy Posse) while others will really enjoy the ‘party pit’.  This game is a good fit for the pit.  These teams split from the same cell (part of the No Pins Intended/Die Gassenjungen family tree).  The Lovernauts are on a mission this year and while they have a fondness for their former mates they probably won’t show any mercy until the results are in.  The Five O’s got some big scores from the Quaker last week, and can’t be counted out it he repeats last week.

DHD (2-2) -1 vs Bowlderdash (3-1): Quite a week for newcomer Hard Knox.  Won free bowling, got top average in the league, got his car plowed in, bowled 8 hours on Sunday, did shots into the night with Sparkles, got manhandled by Gutterboy, broke a rake, made the Podcast.  How do you top that?  Well a team win over Bowlderdash would be a start.  Bowlderdash won’t be intimidated as they have the advantage after the top-bolwer matchup.  Should be interesting.




3 thoughts on “Another Round of Lines

  1. Nice rolling Linguists but I would watch out for Back in Black. I believe they put up a 705 and a 770 this week!

  2. Wow these guys are no joke. Crush TDYOB 10-5 (9-1) despite TDYOB putting up 698 game 2. Watch out for the Linguists.

  3. Apologies to the late games on Tuesday. But it is a little difficult to be there by 5:30 when you spend 1/2 an hour in traffic due to an accident.

    I know we weren’t the only game to start late.

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