Thunder’s Lines

I did not have time to do lines for today so we have guest lines from Dr. Thunder. Love him or hate him he usually gets a response.

Week 7, hitting the midway point, All Star spots up for grabs should make for an exciting night and week! Let’s get right to it:

Game of the Night:

#2B ICBING (5-0) -1 vs #1B My Balls (4-0): Tuesday B side supremacy is up for grabs in this one with both squads undefeated and My Balls having the 12 pin team advantage. Hungus and I see this one differently. He thinks My Balls is “competitive” (and they are), but I think he is underestimating the free-wheeling style of ICBING as well as the strong mental advantage that Peanut Gutter, 2 Dogs and Fabio have over Barry. They know that Barry likes long walks on the beach, sunsets and reading poetry. WEJ and Just Tim are the aces in the match, but Peanut Gutter and Gutterball Turkey (231 last week) aren’t that far behind. Expect ICBING to out party My Balls in this one and edge them in game 3. If this does get to a bowloff would be nice to see Big Red take on Nutter Gutter in an all lady bowloff!



#4 Yahtzee (5-1) -3 vs #8 Bingas (2-2): On paper this doesn’t look like much of a match. Yahtzee holds the 30 pin team advantage. It’s early so Bingas won’t have time to pregame much. Early games definitely benefit Yahtzee as Cheddar’s zombie foot doesn’t come out until late at night with the other freaks. Yathzee plans to chase dem crazy baldheads outta town. Tso has been putting in the work and is starting to throw up some big games, Jerk and Cookie are due, but I just feel the depth of Yahtzee will be too much for the Rastafarians.

Hazzard (1-3) -3 vs Cape Fear (2-4): Another game of evenly matched teams on paper. Uncle Jesse has been rounding up the boys in South Portland and Yankee and has brought them into Bowl Portland with a title in mind. One problem General Lee and LB Davenport have yet to come to a match at the same time, most likely due to the fact that they find Jesse tough to be around when he has been drinking just like everyone else. That said word on the street is they will both be in the house tonight. Cape Fear has held their own in A since relegating Buds to B; however, there is a long drop off in average between South Paw and Soccer Dad (noted DJ hater and fan of Christian Radio). Not so between General Lee and LB Davenport, should they both show up tonight Uncle Jesse’s crew should run roughshod all over Bacon’s crew.

#7 S.O.D. (2-2) -3 vs OC (2-3): OC has been getting perilously close to a 600 team average. I like how the early game sets up for S.O.D. Busta noted podcast hater (but who isn’t) has been coming on strong, OZ is holding on to an All Star spot and the Dentist sits currently in 8th, with Diesel just outside. So lots of All Star implications in this one. Dick’s ball was looking good in practice last night. Booth compared Cheddar to Tom Brady on the podcast this week and is a noted Lofa Tupoopoo fan so you know his head is in the right spot. There was even a Tron sighting at the lanes last night could he be in tonight? In the end I think S.O.D. already has their lineup set and OC is still trying out different combinations and with that and the early oil S.O.D. pulls out the win.

Splits (3-1) -7 vs 3 Livers (1-3): Hopefully 3 Livers brings some candy to sweeten up their opponents in this one tonight because Xander Rolle’s squad looks to have a huge pin advantage in this one. Wilma and Bernie are still holding it down at the top for 3 Livers and you know their team will be ready to have a good time. Splits looks to get 4-1 and stay in the hunt for Tuesday Top Dog as one of the current top Tuesday B teams will be getting a loss tonight.

Nutz (2-2) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (1-4): The Nutz look to be wrecking some balls come 8 p.m. tonight. Lost in all the losing for the Wrecking Balls this year is that The Dude is having resurgence and a bit of a break out this year at 160 avg. The Nutz had some key offseason additions in The Cleaner and Ruby Canary and it will be interesting to see if they let the Birdman and his one game 170 avg (I’m a noted one game avg lover) out of Alcatraz again tonight. I’d have to be nuts to pick the Wrecking Balls in this one. These guys simply always find ways to lose.


No Eye Deer (2-3) -3 vs Pinups (1-4): I really have no idea who to pick in this one. Only a win and 20 pins separate these team. Burt the Bandit is due a breakout and that is why I am leaning towards N.E.D. However, Squirrel Master warning, the Squirrel Master may be due for a bit of a breakout this evening, especially since N.E.D. rolled a Squirrel this year to the tune of a 60 one game average, and seeing as Squirrel Master has about a 70 pin advantage in that one if is easy to tell who the master in this matchup is. Hello Squirrel I am your Master!!!!!!

#5 XXX Club (3-1) -4 vs Ball That (3-2): Booth is bullish on XXX Club offshoot squad Ball That, but the numbers favor the Club. This is definitely a revenge game for Samsquampch who is still firmly in the running for breakout bowler of the year. New kid on the block E Minor didn’t come to the club to start racking up losses so expect him to have a big game tonight while the rest of the Club falls down drunk. Bora Bora has been killing it all year as well. Expect Herk to have one game close to 200 and one game close to 100.

BEER (1-3) -10 vs Saucy Posse (1-4): A nice matchup between a couple of the original 12 teams and a couple of party squads. BEER has gotten rid of team killer Steve McQueen for a few weeks and hopes to start piling up wins now that he is gone. They are especially excited for the RETURN OF HACKSAW!! Hungus wasn’t able to get his employer to get Tom Richards a last minute assignment and he will come out with a vengeance against old pals Saucy Posse. The Posse knew it was going to be tough sledding in A this year especially with Hot Sauce nursing an injury. Walter should have some plan up his sleeve tonight though, that’s a great plan, Walter. That’s fuckin’ ingenious, if I understand it correctly. It’s a Swiss fuckin’ watch.

#3B Incredibowls (4-1) -12 vs BILF (1-3): Boston has returned to the Incredibowls to take on old media nemesis Major Danks. Big line I know, but BILF has lost big a lot and the Incredibowls have gods and super heroes atop their lineup which will prove too much for Major Danks squad. There should be no love lost in this matchup tonight, keep a keen eye for how much both teams do not talk to the other.


One thought on “Thunder’s Lines

  1. Winners:
    My Balls Wej over Peanut Gutter in a bowloff
    Cape Fear
    XXX Club

    The scoring wasn’t very high but the partying was.

    Roll BoPo!

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