Lines Again

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Last chance to make your all-star move, top 9 guys and top 6 ladies by average at the end of the night get the invite.  This year the tables have turned and it takes a higher average to get in on Thursday night.

Predictions: 74-36

Game of the Week

EARLY: #3B Lovernauts (5-0) -3 vs Happy Hands Productions (3-3): It’s an all B division week for Games of the Week.  Let’s hope this one can match the Tuesday night bowl off thriller.  HHP won Thursday B a couple years ago, and have started chucking the ball really well lately.  Munj and Marv Gomez have putting up nice scores and Sasha Northfield is always a threat.  Can they stop the Lovernaut train?  Slugga thinks not, as he’s feeling pretty good about things after his big 219 last week.  Rubbys now wants to one up his teammate, and Rufio is captaining this team for wins.  I think the Lovernauts pull they’ll now start to get teams’ best shots, and HHP is a tough out.

Early games

#3 L.O.S. (4-1) -5 vs Guacabowle (2-3): I’ve rattled my brain this week with a potent combination of intoxicants and stress so not sure if I actually heard this, but I think I heard Precious and Stiffy are out for this one.  If I had faith in my memory this would switch to a 1 point game, but I’m hedging my bets.  Guacabowle would love to show they still have the chops to knock off top teams, and LOS certyainly is one.

Lesbowlians (3-3) -3 vs Five O’Clocks (1-5):  The 5 O’s may have lost last week but Automatic put up an awesome 246.  The week before The Quaker was over 200.  If they ever roll like that at the same time they could beat some teams.  Unfortunately they catch a Lesbowlians team coming off a loss, so they’ll be hungry to turn things back around.  Tilt-A-Whirl looking to wrap up another all-star bid.

I.B.S. (3-2) -1 vs Bowlderdash (3-2): Both of these teams still harbor some hope of contending for the division crown, but with the Lovernauts racking up wins there’s not much room for error left if you’re chasing them.  I.B.S. is the defending Thursday A champ and still has Lovernauts on the schedule, and I think they’ll win this one to stay in the hunt.  Bolwderdash is hoping for another big night from Boys McCracken.

Dirty Half Dozen (3-2) -9 vs Bad News Spares (1-4):  Hard Knox needs two games to be all-star eligible, can he hold on?  DHD is 2-0 since he joined and should cruise to 3-0.  The Bad News Spares have no bowlers in the bottom 9 of Thursday and are having their best season by average in memory.  L.S.S., former Herding Cats Award winner is doing another bang up job as captain piloting a really fun team.

Late Games

#6 Leisure Rolls (4-1) -3 vs Bowled and Beautiful (1-5): Look who’s creeping up the standings.  The Leisure Rolls are all the way up to #6 (and the #4 team lost on Tuesday).  When do they break out the matching team pants Gatch promised on the podcast?  B&B will be cheering on Viking as he officially clinches his all-star spot, and hoping for another week of Mr. Mayor averaging 210+ like last week.

Guns of Brighton (2-4) -3 vs BUI (2-3): Speaking of creeping up…GOB has regained some of its quiet mojo.  As Seatown said on the podcast they all follow Mr. Pickles lead, and he’s back to killing it, so Invisble Hand is cool with his team following its Pickle.  BUI’s been hard to read.  They have had good scores from several bowlers, plenty of 200’s, a bowl off win, but they can’t get on a roll.  This would be a really nice win for them.

TDYOB (2-3) -1 vs Spare of the Dog (3-2): Spare of the Dog struggled in their big match last week, but get a chance right off the bat to get a different satisfying win.  Coco Lopez is pretty much an all-star lock and she’ll battle Brandy who is currently hanging on to that last spot.  Actually, Mona Laudley is one spot out of the all-stars so she’s really chasing Brandy. Lots of lady action!  On the fellas’ side teammates Munson and Pistol Pete are fighting for the last ticket to the allstars.  Lost in all that positioning is a big game for both teams, TDYOB has had a tough schedule and would like to come out of it 3-3 at the halfway mark.  I do like Spare of the Dog to win the pre-game flip cup match.

#2 Cunning Linguists (6-0) -1 vs UREA! (3-3): I know it shouldn’t be close, but I have a feeling it will be.  Nurple and T-$ will be pumped to play the undefeated Linguists, and Knuckles is due for a breakout game.  La Gatita will be solid as usual, but maybe this is the week the erratic Gutterslut has a down week.  With Roo rolling well the Linguists should survive even that, but I just have a feeling it’s going to be a tight match.

Roll Another (5-1) -13 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-5): Probably not this week for Pud’s as they remain the only winless team in BoPo.  Roll Another seems to have gotten over that weird 15-0 loss they had and are crushing again.  Shout out to Chupacabra!




12 thoughts on “Lines Again

  1. You must have been loaded up on stress and intoxicants when writing these here lines because TDYOB is gonna straight up bitch slap Spares of the Dog in the flip cup!!!!!!

    Roll Bork!!!

    1. This isn’t stickball in your courtyard Thunder or whatever games you played when you were in college in the 60’s. Here’s a video so we don’t have to explain the rules to you 15 times while you yell obscenities.

      1. That’s week as hell slim. These will be full beers if you clowns are up to it. Graduated college in 96 dude. That said I wish I’d gone to college in the fucking 60s, wow that would have been a good time!

      2. No based on my upbringing, intelligence, education, et al I would have gone to Officer Candidates school and been an unbelievable party machine of a leader in Vietnam. Crazy to say but I really feel I would have killed it in Nam. That said props to our military for all they do so I can enjoy getting shit stomped at the flip cup table and on the lanes.

      3. Can you believe this guy?

        An Officer during the Vietnam war?

        If you would have served under this guy, would you have shot him in the back, while he was out front leading?

      4. He would have been an incredible leader in Vietnam. I say that as a guy that is former military.

      5. Thanks for the kind word Farmer. I have been a leader for a long time, but Thunder Watcher no one ever “served under me”, leaders work together with their teams to create something that everyone on their team will remember for the rest of their lives. My cat Lucky just destroyed my room. Gonna give her a talking to. Roll Bork!

    1. Breaking rakes, inaccurate posts, a name that involves a Maine county. What the fuck is with this guy?!

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