Back At It

First off congrats to Thursday for picking up their first all-star game win.  It was never in doubt, really, as Thursday led 2-1, 4-2, 6-3, 8-4, 10-5 and won 12-6.  Thursday also has the reigning champ, and reigning runner up.  Time  for Tuesday to step up.

Also, men’s 2v2 playoff match ups are up (posted on bulletin board).  Get your first round game in anytime between now and March 15th.

As for tonight’s game, one could make a strong case for every one of the early games having bowl off potential.  Exciting, close matches.

Predictions: 95-45

Game of the Night

EARLY #1 Back in Black (6-0) -1 vs #4 Bingas (4-2): Jamaican Jerk has guaranteed a victory in this one, and all podcast listeners know I’m a Binga’s homer, but I can’t pick against BIB in this one.  I would have taken Binga’s by one late, but early I’m sticking with the #1 team.  Bama says he has some sort of hand injury but he’ll play through it.  Binga’s mid game safety meeting may disrupt BIB’s rhythm, but they could always just take a slightly longer cig break.  Tso should be back from the tropics giving Binga’s a full lineup, but I think BIB finds a way.

Early Games

#6 Turkey Club (4-2) -1 B.E.E.R. (3-3): Obviously a difficult game for me to pick.  Roadhouse is hot right now, winning (then surrendering) an all-star spot with a 200+ then rolling something like a 270 at the MIST on Sunday.  BEER can’t match that but matchup rather evenly overall.  McQueen is back and is a Herk-esque wildcard. The BEER ladies are both in the top 5, but still chasing Bora Bora.  E-Minor and McQueen are both primed to be podcast guests this week so bragging rights would be big.  Natro may be showcasing his talents for any Thursday teams that are watching.  Hungus will have to beat Roadhouse for a BEER upset.

#1B My Balls (6-0) -3 vs No Eye Deer (4-3): This will be another stern test for My Balls, who have had a series of close calls but survived them all.  NED is confident after knocking off Incredibowls last week.  Donzarelli and Dirty Sylon will push Wej as long as they can, but Wej should grab the top points.  My Balls should welcome back Captain Barry Violet, and that should be enough for them to advance to 7-0.  They are a really solid team, and would love to knock another challenger out of contention.

Budweisers (2-4) -1 vs Nuts (3-3): The Buds finally got a win last week to complement their strong average.  They are a dangerous group and Sir Marks a  Lot is starting to heat up with his 2nd 200.  Pickup Truck should go off next.  The Nuts are still a contender, and they will battle the Buds in this one.  Herbie is also back from the tropics (I’m getting jealous of all these tropical jaunts by BoPoers). He’ll have an advantage on the ladies’ side with his all-star Ruby Canary.  Like the other early games, this promises to be competitive.

Wrecking Balls (1-6) -1 vs Three Livers (1-5): This 8th year rivalry marks the low point int he series as both franchises are having their worst season.  I’m going with Wrecking Balls because they have the players on the roster to be competitive, they just rarely show up together.  If Dude, Swanny and Swing all show this one will be a blowout.  However, that never happens, and Bernie and Wilma are used to beating these guys so they’ll be ready.

Late Games

#3 Yahtzee (6-2) -3 vs Sons of Danarchy (3-3):  S.Podcast host Space Farmer mentions every week how confounded he is by SOD, and I tend to agree.  They seem loaded with talent, and can beat anyone, but you can’t count on them.  No result is a surprise.  I will say I think they’ll be up for this one, and I think McStriker will bring the noise.  I see something like a 4-1 lead, then a 6-4 lead, then a 9-6 loss.  Cheddar is out to start climbing the average ladder again after his worst ever BoPo week, and Sparkles has to take off at some point.

Strikes of Hazzard (1-5) -1 vs Off Constantly (2-4):  Hazzard is overdue for a win, and OC is coming off a long layoff.  I’m banking on General Lee coming in and putting up monster scores and Uncle Jessie having his breakout week.  Oh yeah, they also got Miz Tizdale back (from a tropical vacation, ugh).  Dick L. tried taking OC to a hockey game to bring them tighter, sort of like when LeBron’s Cavs went bowling this year then turned their season around with a crazy long winning streak, but OC doesn’t have a LeBron.  LeBr-Oz?

Cape Fear (3-5) -5 vs Saucy Posse (1-6): Cape Fear is having a strong season in their Tuesday A debut, and could easily get to 4-5 here.  That’s a great franchise start.  SauPp’s franchise is going in the other direction as they have a better average than just 2 Tuesday B teams.  I could see some major shakeups in the offseason.  Walter needs a change – new ball, new shot, new cocktail, something – because his team is looking to him to lead.  Hot Sauce has even stopped trash talking at this point.  Cape Fear’s all-stars South Paw and Bacon will be too much for the County boys.

#3B Splits Happen (6-1) -2 vs BILFs (2-4): BILF’s actually have 1 one pin average lead in this matchup, but Splits is 6-1.  Noone gets more out of a team than Xander Rolle.  He has Splits believing in themselves and firmly in the running for the Tuesday B crown.  I did not see that coming and they are one of the pleasant surprises of 2015.  BILF are coming off a big 15-0 win and will try to ride that momentum to an upset.  DeLoose Cannon will try to build on his 200 from last week, and I keep waiting for an Old Thumper breakout week.  I think this will be close but Splits seems to always find a way to win.

Incredibowls (5-3) -7 vs Pinups (1-6): The Incredibowls had a tough week with a couple losses.  They should be able to turn that around this week but may have lost their chance at the division title.  The Pinups aren’t worried about titles, just hoping to find wins anywhere they can.  They have had some close calls, but I don’t expect this to be one of them.


18 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. So, basically what Hungus has laid out here are cold hard numbers that Thursday consistently proved to be TWICE as good as Tuesday. Cheddar’s 18-0 prediction looks all the more ridiculous now. It’s time for him to sit down for a huge helping of crow. Eat it, Chedds! Nom nom nom…
    Also, Hot Sauce: come hang with IBS and we’ll teach you about toilet seasons!

      1. Congratulations on finally winning an All-Star Game! It only took five tries, you must be so proud, especially for an All-Star bottom dweller like yourself. Enjoy it until you get pounded by a Tuesday team in the playoffs. Im off to eat my lunch now!

    1. First they gave themselves the best DJ in town, and they gave us the Jerk-offs of Grass.

      They gave themselves 50-50s and the Lucky Train and gave us still the Jerk-offs of Grass.

      Now they predict an 18-0 shellacking of us in the All Star game only to get blown out 12-6 by Thursday!

      Two Thursday teams made the finals last year and still they hit us with this air of superiority.

      Oh Tuesday night when will you learn. Thursday is where it is at. Let’s see a show of hands to those that prefer a Wednesday hangover to a Friday one. Oh, none? It is called Thirsty Thursday, not Thirsty Tuesday!

      Original Podcast all those idiots predicted Tuesday champions: Hungus: Bingas, Thunder: Turkey Club, Farmer: Yatchzee, Cheese: Abstained.

      Three of those idiots are Thursday guys!!!!!

      No longer will we take a backseat. No longer will we beg for the scraps from Tuesday’s table. We are Thursday and we are proud and strong. We are taking back the night as one of our famous Thursday apostles Oolie has forsworn. Tuesday you have been put on notice that Thursday is here to stay, try and keep up if you can!

      Also there has been talk of censorship again. This aggression will not stand! Thursday night sit-in tonight at the lanes 5:30 p.m. until the board has been restored to it’s original order. Let’s take this opportunity to assemble my Thursday night brothers and sisters!


  2. “SauPp’s franchise is”

    This here Teepee for your pee pee, it is not a wigwam to beat your Tom-tom.

    Couldnt agree any more Karl, an absolute toilet of a season!

  3. Mid-game breaking are you fucking kidding me?!!?!?!?!?! If you are an early game bowl your three games as fast as you can and get the fuck off the lanes!!!!! It is common courtesy! What the fuck is wrong with everyone?!?!!?!?!?

      1. Look fucker when your game is over tonight get the fuck off the lanes so some walk-in folks might be able to get down there and knock down some pins. Holy shit you are all a bunch of inconsiderate alcoholic fucking bastards. This league fucking sucks!

      2. Did someone say this league fucking sucks? Don’t get me started, the sound system is awful, the lack of a jukebox is deplorable and the parking lot is a downright fucking catastrophe!

      3. Always open spots for you two fückers at Yankme Lanes. Don’t let the door hit yA ass on the way out.

      4. Hey Wrenchead, go back to Yankee and crank your Hoobastank, you twat. And you bowl like a tard.

      5. The above was not me, if you are going to post as me at least be funny. Also “tard” is not the accepted nomenclature, mentally disabled please………..

      6. I am certainly not going to take any fucking lip off a 130 guy! Just finish your game promptly and get the fuck out of the way!

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