How You Gonna Keep Em Down on The Farm…

Well, Tuesday was a hoot.  For an excellent recap check out Peanut Gutter’s post on the Smack Board.  Then call your mom to pick you up.

4th Frame Tot Frame and 5th Frame Pitcher are on the table all season.  No Tuesday teams grabbed the tots, go get some!

Predictions: 46-8

Game of the Night

Lesbowlians (2-0) -1 vs DHD (2-0):  Tilt-A-Whirl specifically mentioned DHD on the podcast as the type of strong opponent they had yet to face.  Still, 30 points in 2 games is as good as it gets.  Keglinger has provided Lesbowlians with a great pairing for their Captain, and this will be a solid test of their new prowess.  DHD has just taken care of 2 opponents quietly and will be pumped for this one.  It’s a friendly rivalry that goes way back, but DHD has so many new faces it will be a new type of contest.  The winner holds the early lead in Thursday B.

Early Games

#3 L.O.S. (2-0) -5 vs Guns of Brighton (0-2): The Towers look pretty focused.  Precious was the BMOS last week with a 278 on the lanes, but Cheese is bowler of the week with a 279.  They are putting up big scores, and the rest of the team is playing well too with both women looking like all-star contenders.  G.O.B. is still getting used to life post-Pickles.  They are definitely having some fun on the lanes this year, and Invisible Hand has elevated his game, but this is not likely the matchup where they break through with their first win.

B.U.I. (1-1) -1 vs Cunning Linguists (1-1): I was wrong on both these teams last week.  Linguists went to Tuesday and beat the Leisure Rolls when I thought they had already lost.  BUI went to Friday and lost to UREA! when I thought they had already won.  So picking this one is tricky.  La Gatita is the most reliable pick in the match, but I think Duke Thunderwood will be a difference maker.

Granola Bowlahs (0-2) -1 vs Bad News Spares (0-1): It’s early in the season but both these teams, based on average, look like wins will be few and far between.  So picking up a win in this match is huge for taking the pressure off.  Both teams have a real look at it.  I was tempted to go Spares since they know how valuable the opportunity is after several years of few wins, but I think Granola has a little bit of an edge.  There will be a lot of bowlers on this lane pair, that’s for sure.

Lovernauts (1-1) -1 vs Pinny Candy (1-1): This one looks really close on paper.  The Lovernauts fell on Friday intot he Lion’s Den, but they were short a lot fo their regulars and their Captain.  Pinny Candy will hit with the 1-2 punch of Pay Day and Twizzler and has survived with consistency.  Slugga could put this one away if he starts bouncing back to Draft League form.

Late Games

Leisure Rolls (0-2) -5 vs B & B (0-1): I’m not used to seeing the Rolls at the bottom of the standings, and I figure they’ll start climbing the ladder with a win in this one.  They crushed the Dr. McGillicuddys last Tuesday (then followed up with a not-too-shabby 19 shot Wednesday, and are downstairs bowling in Casco Bay and likely doing more shots as I type this).  Insanal is off to an excellent start for them despite the record.  B & B is harder to figure.  Tush Christ called out all their non-Viking players on the podcast, maybe that will light a fire.

Lion’s Den (2-0) -3 vs Roll Another (1-1): Lion’s Den returns to the cozy confines of Thursday night after a brief trip to Friday.  I can’t quite tell if they expected to be undefeated or not, but here they are at 2-0 and looking like a real B contender even as they party hard.  Roll Another will present them with an interesting challenge as they kind of absorb surrounding energy without showing any response.  They rolled to a huge win last week, and The Package and Uncle Buck have a history of stepping up now and then.  I think the Lion’s Den will win but this is certainly an intriguing matchup.

#5 Y&B2 (2-0) -1 vs Guacabowle (0-1): It doesn’t get any easier for Guacabowle after their bye week.  After battling LOS to the last shot they get the only other ranked team from Thursday.  Y&B’s ringers have delivered, and Crackerjack has Draft League experience so he is unlikely to get Ripcorded.  Glossy Mexican could fall prey to BoPo’s relentless party, but he seems like a more reserved sort.  Guacabowle can put up some big games and are not intimidated by any team.  They actually have the higher average in this one thanks primarily to excellent depth.  That means Y&B may have to look past their Big 2 to ITZ, Pistol and Mystery Powers.  Guac’s Bonita, and their new player Ruby Canary who shone in week 1, should be able to grab some points.  I’m just guessing that in a tight match Guac keeps an even rotation and YB2 loads up to win.  Keep an eye on Shifter Pawl as he has been approached by TDYOB and may be conflicted watching this one.

TDYOB (1-0) -3 vs Spare of the Dog (1-0): Farmer and Thunder, who know these things, will tell you that they have never beaten Spare of the Dog.  They are hungry to do so now, and itching to bowl after a bye week.  They’re in the Party Pit for this one and will probably be very loose by the time first-roll comes around.  Spare of the Dog had quite a comeback in week 1 to get a win that I don’t think even they saw happening.  They will probably be challenging TDYOB to various drinking games and this match could deteriorate quickly – not Ripcord on his face in the gutter deteriorate, but something along those lines.  Will be an awesome game for the DJ.

Fuckin Chuckits (0-1) -1 vs Happy Hands (2-0): The Hands are a sneaky 2-0 and would probably be surprisd to see themselves as underdogs if they read the writeups.  The Munj has been putting in the practice time but it’s been the lady duo of Pepi Hooker and Mookie Oak leading the way (unless I’m making the wrong gender assumption for an HHP player again like the great Mittens Woodmore debacle).  The Chuckits lost a razor thin game in week 1 in which the party was the purpose.  They will still party with a purpose but they are not going to want to fall to 0-2, so I think they pull out all the stops to even their record.









4 thoughts on “How You Gonna Keep Em Down on The Farm…

  1. The cozy confines of Thursday night?

    More like the koozie confines….the lions den is ready to continue the party with Roll Another.

    Anyone out there who wants to get in on the action, come on down….

    Welcome to the jungle, BoPo. CA-CAW! CA-CAW!

    1. Yup. Barring a major surgical procedure or a devastating accident on a bike with no seat at some point in the last 15 years, that hooker is a dude.

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