Tuesday B lines

Both playoff spots could be wrapped up tonight…or we could have a four way tie

Strikes (-2) v BILF – Not sure BILF has won since Obama was in office, so they are due you could say. Meanwhile, Strikes have been on fire. And a win tonight will guarantee them a winning record. BILF just haven’t put together three games this year, which will make it very difficult to take down The Cleaner and company. Should go three games, but Strikes bring the more clutch game to take the win.

Wrecking Balls (-3) v Whoomp – The Wrecking Balls will beheading to the Sunday Shootout, but still have a shot at a winning season. They should have the upper-hand tonight against fellow future shootouters, Whoomp. The Whoomp squad have shown great improvement this season, and one more win would guarantee them a finish ahead of Three Livers. They should certainly be motivated for this one tonight. I think it goes three, but just too much from the Balls will be the difference.

Incredibowls (-4) v NED – No guarantees from Burt the Bandit this week, as his squad has to take on the powerful Incredibowls. Even a disappointing season won’t deter God of Thunder and his squad from bringing the wood to NED. No amount of smack talk will throw Incredibowls off their game. It’s probably over in two games, but I’ll show a little love to NED. Even with a third game, too much firepower from the Incredibowls.

Pinups v Bowl Trolls (-1) – It’s a battle of the newest team vs one of the veteran crews of Tuesday B. The Bowl Trolls are hoping to guarantee a .500 year. Before their bye, the Bowl Trolls were bowling well, so it will be interesting if the week off slows them down. The Pinups should keep it a close match, and really could go either way. I will give a slight edge to the Bowl Trolls, especially if Honey Bear brings his “Friday Form” (dude rolls 200s all day on Fridays).

Co-Game of the Week: Budweisers (-1) v Splits Happen – Huge game. Splits Happen is a game behind Budweisers with two to play. They have only one chance to reach the Championship, and it starts with a win tonight. Splits are a more consistent team overall. They also have a deadly finishing ability. The Buds though, have the “A Team” ability that can just pound a team into submission. This could be one of the best matchups of the year. A bowl-off should be mandatory. Either way, I like the Buds to one a close one, and take another step forward in their steady progression.

Co-Game of the Week: Hookers v My Balls (-3) – The Hookers have had an exceptional season in Tuesday B, and still have a shot at a Championship slot. They will get their shot tonight against the cream of the crop, My Balls. Weg, Cyngus and the crew have been a machine as of late, hammering out win after win. The Hookers will have to bring their best tonight for any shot of taking down the Tuesday B favorite. I think they get it to a third game, but the closing ability of My Balls will be the difference.

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