Maine Shootout Qualifiers

Yo BoPo, I have two reserved spots in the PBA Maine Shootout when they come back to Maine this April.  We will have two satellite tourneys, one on March 4 and one on March 18 both at 9 AM.  The cost is $40, and registration for each day is limited to 30.  You can sign up for both days.

Format will be 30 players (3 per lane), 4 qualifying games.  Top 6 scores advance to bracket playoffs.  6th seed plays 3rd seed in one game match, 5th seed plays 4th seed in one game match.  1 and 2 seeds receive a bye to the semis.  Semis and finals are best of three matches (not cumulative pins over three games, just best of three games won).

The winner receives a paid entry into the PBA Maine shootout.

6 thoughts on “Maine Shootout Qualifiers

  1. Does it come with being berated by Splinter for not practicing enough if he doesn’t win?

    1. Some people need a kick in the ass for motivation! I’m more then happy to kick anyone in the ass! I’ll let anyone help if they would like!

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