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Final week before the All Star game spots get set, so get out there and roll some big scores, people!  Remember the All Star game is next Wednesday, February 14 at 8 pm.  Top 18 dudes and top 12 ladies (with minimum 2 from B teams) take on Tuesday’s finest.  And you know the nerds on Tuesday will all be bowling instead of entertaining their significant others, so time to step up!

LOS (-3) v. Leisure Rolls – I like the matches that have aces going against the group of opponents who might pull the upset if they all band together and roll well.  Sort of like these snakes trying to get an iguana…will the many snakes (Leisure Rolls) take down the iguana (Cheese)?

Score one for the aces…Tough couple of weeks for the Leisure Rolls, getting YB2 last week and now LOS this week.  LOS is killing it, with new additions Ho Town and #s Vag rolling well, and keeping their team average near the top of Thursday A.  When needed, a lineup of Cheese, Precious, Stiffy, and #s Vag is very tough to beat.  Just ask Yahtzee.

One more positive thing about the addition of Ho Town is that he is showing the gang how to drink beer.

The Rolls have a sponsor in Noble Barbecue, sporting some nifty grey shirts this season, and I for one am happy they are still embracing the Brooklyn Side.

Special shout out to Gatch, who will be playing the role of Malcom Butler in this match….in other words, not playing at all in a loss.

B&B (-3) v. 5 Finger Discount – About time these guys get a win!  B&B have been having a fun time, but scoring very few points this season.  I think they get the 8 points they need (and then add another 1 for good measure, unlike the Patriots PAT team…am I right?) and get a win.  And then Saw celebrates in style:

Speaking of celebrations, congrats to Buck Ripcord on the league 300 on Tuesday!  The video of the celebration was a little tame for my tastes, so if anyone on Thursday ever rolls a 300 in league, this is how we will celebrate:

Just kidding, lets not burn down Bayside and flip cars….

5 Finger’s season will only go as far as Dutch will take them….which means not far at all.  One guy rolling well and a bunch of folks rolling in the 140s (or lower) is not a recipe for success.  Here is Dutch showing us how tough he his…this is definitely not a recipe for success (very NSFW):

DHD (-5) v. Touch – Touch got off to a great start, opening their season 3-0 before losing 2 in a double header last week.  It will be three in a row after tonight, with DHD’s relentless lineup piling up the points in a win. Uno should be back, that will help, but DHD is too deep for Touch (and most of Thursday A).

Nice to see G-Force is healthy and rolling well, the guy had a 241 last week in the Friday Night Lights matches.  When he’s not rolling scores like that, Doc Moose or Kingpin or Hark are dropping biggies, and Lil’ Pickle, Inferno and Corn Nut are rolling great as well.  We haven’t visited the past history of this clan in a while, but I was able to unearth this gem from the good ol’ days when Hark was living with both Pickle and Corn Nut (platonically at the time), and along comes G Force to dole out some life advice (and a young Doc Moose sighting as well!)…

Love that the person filmed that clip off of their own TV, laughed over the video, and then posted it to You Tube…

There are a lot of methods for trying to keep your bowling shoes clean and dry amidst the party of Thursday night.  La Gatita even fashioned her own overshow out of (what looked like) cardboard and duct tape.  Based on her All-star spot all but locked up already, I’d say the shoe is doing it’s job.  Unlike these shoes:

TDYOB (-1) v. GOB – This match is always a fun one, with the drunks on one side laughing their way to win, and the drunks on the other side laughing their way to a loss, followed by two of our favorite mechanics engaging in a spirited brawl after the match, if only they could land a punch:

Bork will be without Munson again this week, so that means three games for Farmer and Thunder…when the team has to push the red button and have those bozos roll three, what will happen?

Side Salad is coming off of his worst game of the year, rolling a 110 to try to lose it for his team last week.  Look for him to bounce back this week, especially after teaching Farmer and Thunder a great dance routine.

Mo $ will be key tonight, her battles with Seatown will be the difference in a close Bork win.

GOB snatched defeat from jaws of victory last week (sound like any other teams out there?) when they gave up all 5 to BUI in game 3 last week.  Hand, Jon Moon, and Nurple are all rolling okay scores, but not a lot of big scores, so they will drop another one tonight.

Have you ever wondered how we are able to write lines, troll Twitter, get to the lanes a bunch, throw in a podcast, and generally speaking always be partying?  It’s easy…

Happy Hands (-1) v. ICBING – Let’s face it, ICBING ain’t that good.  Kinda like the Pats D last weekend.  To make matters worse, Rocky Balbowla, named in honor of Philly’s favorite son, injured his back last weekend, so we do not plan on him rolling.  The guy went down like he had been shot, throwing out his back reaching for his bowling ball off the rack last weekend.  At least the guy recently got engaged, so hopefully he is being nursed back to health, and she is hiding the cigarettes from him.

On the bowling front, that leaves Fabio to try to salvage the points needed for a win, and I predict the weekly tank job by a struggling 2 Dogs to seal the win for Happy Hands.  Unless ICBING takes there Salmoning and Vipering to a new level with a move like this when Max Shipp rolls for the win:

Lesbowlians (-1) v. Party Mix – Some may call this an upset (Philly fans didn’t see it that way), but top to bottom the Lesbowlians are a better squad than Party Mix, and sport a higher team average than Thursday B leading Party Mix.  The reigning Team of The Year are all settling into their season, are feeling comfortable and look prepared to win a close one. They aren’t the loudest crew out on the lanes, so I rely on lip reading to understand their cheers sometimes, and let me say some of their cheers are weird.

Party Mix has been feasting on some of the lesser teams in Thursday B, racing out to a 5-0 record.  They will still be in good shape for the B playoffs, but I see a loss this week for the Party Mixers.  New member Luka Love made her return to BoPo after a couple years away, so this team will have the necessary 2 ladies to secure their playoff entry. Welcome back, Luka!

Digging this tune lately…

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