PBA Maine Shootout Qualifier Tournament

Hey guys, pretty cool opportunity here.  I’ve got two spots to give away in the Maine Shootout PBA event (full disclosure I kept a third spot for myself). The Maine Shootout a 64 player bracket PBA event, random draw for seeding (you could play Belmo first round, you could play Karl Hungus first round!).  Practice session for Maine Shootout is Monday April 16 10am-noon, and the tournament starts Tuesday April 17.  Here are the details on the Bayside satellite tourneys.

Two separate qualifiers: March 4 and March 18, both at 9am

$40 entry fee, winner gets paid entry into Maine Shootout in April ($600 normally, $700 for non-PBA players)

30 players max (max 3 per lane)

4 games qualifying, top 6 advance to bracket (single ball bowloff to break ties)

3 vs 6, 4 vs 5 in one game matches to advance to semifinals (single ball bowloff to break tie)

Highest remaining seed plays #2 qualifier, lower seed plays #1, semifinals best of three match, not cumulative pins just best of three wins

Finals is best of three match, same rules as semis

No dress code, and there will be some music playing throughout the tourney

All entries pay cash on day of torunament


Good luck!

2 thoughts on “PBA Maine Shootout Qualifier Tournament

  1. I’m interested in the March 18 Maine Shootout qualifier. Could u send me send info on how to enter

    Roger Blackmer

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