T.W.I.T. (This Week In Tuesday)

Man, I’m excited to bowl Friday, but stinks not to be bowling tonight!  I’ll be watching from perv row I guess.


Early Games

Saucy Posse (5-2) -9 vs Touch My Xcitment (4-4): Rough draw for Touch in the crossover department.  SauPo is coming off a thrashing of T Club in a finals rematch and is leading the league in average, again.  Touch will try to bowl well and score some moral victories and get Master Splinter even drunker than usual.

OC (1-7) -3 vs Cape Fear (2-5): Backs against the wall for OC this week, as a loss here all but locks them in to last place and having to battle through prelims week just to make the bracket.  They should have Mama D back, and Tron is overdue.  Cape Fear is hard to figure.  They can put up some huge scores but usually find ways to lose.  2019 can’t come soon enough for them.

Sharks (4-3) -3 vs Bingas (3-4): Early games mean 10 Pin Has Been is in, and he’s really, really good.  Add in Railroad, maybe Speedy Weiner who’s been throwing 200’s, Nugget, Ringwald, and these guys are beasts even with White Russian and Dick possibly still in Europe.  Binga’s is fraying at the seams a bit and seem to be having a little less fun than normal…they need to recapture the mojo, win or lose.  Something must be missing from the shrine.

Burners (1-6) -7 vs Three Livers (0-7): The Burners got roughed up last week, but now they face back to back winless teams and have a really nice look at a couple of wins.  They’re hungry for it.  The Livers have seen it all and won’t mind contributing to the joy of an upstart rookie team looking for victories.

My Balls (4-3) -1 vs Wrecking Balls (4-3): This used to be a sibling rivalry, but The Dude left for BEER, Bubbles retired, and Barry Violet is a rare sight.  It is still a huge game though, this time with lots of playoff implications.  Both teams sit at 4-3 after My Balls’ upset of Incredibowls (253 for Archie?!?!).  Iceburg has put up consistently big scores for the Wreck (he may be a one and done player) but I like My Balls’ depth.  Cygnus for the win.

Hookers (4-3) -1 vs Splits Happen (3-4): Xander had some big games last week in a loss, and now his team is in do or die to keep B playoff hopes alive.  He and Spare-O can be a monster 1-2 punch.  The Hookers will go as far as Rotini takes them, which I think is to another win.  They’ve been getting some scores from the rest of the team, including a 200 from Cro Magnon last week.  Maybe, just maybe, this is our bowloff (after well over 200 league games).

Late Games

Incredibowls (4-3) -2 vs Bowl Trolls (8-0): This should be a great one.  The Trolls keep proving the doubters wrong and sit at 8-0 with a bye next week.  A win here and they could set up a post bye showdown with an undefeated NED.  That’d be fun, but I think the Incredibowls rob us of that dream matchup.  After a loss last week they actually have work to do to make the playoffs.  A loss here puts them in real danger of missing out.  I think they’re too good for that and find a way to win.  I also think the Trolls will step up against better competition and have their best game of the year.  Can’t wait to pull up a chair, have a beer or 6 and watch this one.

Yahtzee (5-2) -5 vs Sons of Danarchy (5-2): Yahtzee is in the zone right now.  They are bowling their best, just hoping they aren’t peaking too soon and that the hot streak lasts through April 27.  Tango looks to be almost fully back, and Lala and Shooter are matchup nightmares.  SOD has found a nice Dentist replacement in Jr Hoss (Loveseat), and Couch is a consistent ace, but I think Yahtzee overwhelms them with depth in this one.

Skol (4-4) -1 vs Oddballs (7-0): Upset alert! In addition to Trolls/I-Bowls, this is another great watchable match with an undefeated team facing a serious challenge.  Nothing against the Oddballs, they look like a serious title contender.  All their dudes are big 200s waiting to happen, and Gutterboi’s Mom has a ton of championship experience.  But this is a regular season game, and I think Skol comes in a little hungrier.  Tom E Gunz has been bowling well but is due for one of his monster nights.  Viking is WAY overdue.  Then there’s Mrs. Brady, who casually dropped a couple 220’s last week.  Can’t wait to watch this one play out.

BILF (1-6) -5 vs Whoomp (0-7): Well with all those thrilling matches to watch it’s good to have one that won’t demand your attention.  Now that I say that I bet this will end up being the bowloff.  Danks may be in witness protection after his Canada-beef exploded.

Strikes on Tap (5-3) -1 vs Ball That (4-4):  For those of you wondering who Cleveland is, come check him out in this one.  He’s definitely auditioning for a spot in A next season.  Ball That is a team that can hang with them as Samsquampch can battle 200 for 200.  When is that baby coming, anyway?  My heart is with the soon to be dad to make a B playoff appearance, but I think Cleveland may squash some dreams.  It’s been known to do that.


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