Tuesday – Happy Anniversary, Dude

Quick schedule note: YB2 vs Hazzard is postponed until March 27.  Also, this Thursday we are almost 100% to play regardless of weather, no time left for a bunch more makeup games. If you still haven’t made up your opening week game, get on it.

Early Games

XXX Club (5-3) -1 vs SOD (6-2): Quite a game right off the bat.  SOD still hanging on to an outside shot at top seed, with Jr Hoss filling in admirably for Dentist.  If they both play the playoffs then this is a real title threat team.  The Club is always a title threat.  Buck Ripcord had a nice few days, rolling 277-257 in Friday Night Lights, then winning the PBA shootout on Sunday.  I like his good run to continue – he is averaging 228 after all.

Budweisers (5-3) -1 vs Ball That (4-5): It continues to amaze Farmer, but Ball That keeps taking losses in their first season in B.  Tuesday B ain’t nothing to fuck with.  The Budweisers are coming off serious TUSH CHRIST over-exposure and a Straw-Ber-Ita fueled loss, but they know they need wins to lock up a playoff spot.  I bet they get one here.

Skol (4-5) – 3 vs Cape Fear (3-5):  SKol is right on the cusp on Tuesday A.  A win gets them to .500 and they stay close to the top half, a loss dumps them in the bottom crew with Fear, BEER, Bingas and OC. They do have an imposing playoff lineup on paper, and a solid average.  Plus Cape Fear just had a good game last week, and they tend to underperform after they show they could be really good.  We’ve got 10 cases of Miller Lite chilling for them either way.

Strikes on Tap (6-3) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (4-4): Pretty big game in the B playoff chase.  Tap had a big win last week even with confirmed podcast listener Cleveland not having one of his better weeks.  The Cleaner may have a more complete roster than we realized.  Wrecking Balls have a chance to make their mark with a win.  All-Star Iceberg can make some noise, time for Swanny as Captain to get some big games in.

Burners (1-7) -3 vs Whoomp (0-8): Whoomp is the last winless team on Tuesday.  They have a chance here against a Burner squad licking their wounds after being Three Livers’ first victim last week.  That said I’m going with Burners. They learned their lesson last week, bowling low scores thinking they had an easy matchup.  When you’re a 1-7 expansion team don’t take anyone lightly.

Late games

Body English (3-5) -5 vs Bingas (3-5): Jamaican Jerk pointed out that today is the 20th anniversary of Big Lebowski.  That’s a Holy Day for him as an ordained Dudeist Minister.  BEER/Bingas is a semi-holy day to both teams involved, a great friendly rivalry from way back that always leads to a big party and usually decent scores.  Bingas could us that after a couple weeks of being shutout.  The rivalry should bring out the best in all of them, maybe even get Cookie back on track.  Hungus also usually brings it vs Jerk, but newcomer to the rivalry Herb’n Legend will shine brightest.  Oh, and Filthy has a 200 three weeks in a row.

Oddballs (8-0) -5 vs OC (1-8): OC will happily point out to you that their only win is over defending champ Saucy Posse.  If they could add knocking off the Oddballs to their resume, they’d feel fine about their playoff chances regardless of record.  Oddballs are impressing everyone with their undefeated start.  They know there are no easy ones in Tuesday A, but they are huge favorite to move to 9-0.  Ivf things broke just right they might even lock up 1st place with a win.

Yahtzee (5-3) -1 vs Sharks (5-3): Ok, this is it, this has to be it.  We are somewhere around 250 games in with no bowloff.  That’s just stupid.  These guys will bwol well against each other, get absolutely drunk against each other, wrestle each other, and if at all possible try to tie each other.  Ring that f’n bell!

BILF (2-6) -5 vs Three Livers (1-7): One of these two teams is about to experience a two game winning streak!  As a member of BEER, I have to ask ‘what’s that like?’  Three Livers got their first win last week in a  slight upset over the Burners.  Now they stay in their weight class with Three Livers.  Bernie would love to keep the upsets coming.

My Balls (5-3) -3 vs Brooklyn Hookers (5-3): Huge game!  The Hookers have really tunred it on lately and look like a legitimate playoff team with Rotini getting solid help up and down the lineup.  My Balls have steadied their ship behind a bunch of 200s – Archie, major Tom, Cygnus, they are deep and ready to make some playoff noise.  They need a win here to help lock down that opportunity.  Luna gets it for them.

Incredibowls (5-3) -3 vs Splits Happen (3-5):  The Incredibowls are coming off their biggest win of the season, knocking off the undefeated Bowl Trolls in a must win.  Splits keep losing despite a constant run of 200s from Xander and Spare-O.  Incredibowls need to stay focused to build on last week. I think they get it done.

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