Thursday Lines

Friday TDYOB versus B&B.

Wow Waldorf been catching some heat for short lines due to having a life, and a family and a job something that the vast majority of Bowl Portland are deficient in at least one area if not more, shoutout to Chedd Beat!  So gonna get started nice and early so we can finish out this regular season lines in style.  DJ Atomik said last Thursday night was bumping so let’s go out on a HIGH note as we close out the regular season and very shortly teams’ seasons will start to end.  Time to hydrate, eat right, and get ready to rock the playoffs, the PBA and the Bowling Ball and out a bow on this thing until fall Draft League.  What a season it has been.  There has had to have been a record number of 200s this season and Splinter and Ripcord taking aim at all-time high BoPo averages.  Good fun.  Look out for salary cap in 2019!

Late Lines:

LOS (9-2) -5 versus Lion’s Den (4-7):  Last stand for Stiffy to hold off Thunder in average and avoid having his fun blown up for the next year.  LOS has had a great season after huge offseason changes that saw Shithawk, Alley and Nugget leave the team.  Strike Dancer, LBS Vag and Ho-Town have been nice additions to this long time proud BoPo franchise and former BoPo Champions.  Precious and Cheese are battling for Thursday average leader and Precious has a big advantage, he would need a tank job and Cheese would need a couple 300s, neither is likely.  No offense Cheese.  Lion’s Den has had an up and mostly down season.  Rick Vaughn has had a season long tank job on the average while the rest of the team has taken turns letting him down.  Word on the street is Rick Vaughn will be giving the team to Mokkiki or Caveman and be in the market for a competitive squad in the offseason.  Here is Rick retiring from the Den as Mokkiki comes in and ruins things:

YB2 (11-0) -10 versus Bowled and the Beautiful (1-9):  YB2 trying to complete a perfect season and gear up for a title run.  Newsflash if these guys make the Bowling Ball Glossy Mexican want be there due to a wedding.  Didn’t this guy just get divorced?  YB2 is loaded but I see an early bracket exit for them knowing the will be missing one of their hired guns.  This will be a team to watch in the offseason lots of water cooler talk that Glossy is shopping himself.  Since his divorce he has fallen in love with drinking buddy Sparkles and there is talk that these dudes pair up to form a team that won’t win it next year.  On the other side of the coin you have B&B who has a game tomorrow night and Friday and then a date with the B playoffs where odds are they get as many wins if not more than they had in the regular season.  Tip of the cap to the fun crew of B&B they took their lumps this year and show up every Thursday smiles on their faces throwing back some cocktails with the old “Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling” mantra and quite frankly embodies what Bowl Portland is all about.  This whole Tuesday A arms race wasn’t what it was about and quite frankly it still isn’t.  Hey when you got a league as great as our everyone wants in and Waldorf can get behind that every damn day.  Here are Sparkles and Glossy planning their 2019 squad:

BUI (9-2) -1 versus DHD (7-4):  BUI is peaking at the right time at playoff time as usual.  They bounced back nicely after being dismantled by TDYOB to take out LOS in a high scoring affair 8-7.  G Unit as usual posted smack about it after the match.  Classic G Unit.  The big man was throwing up big scores in his defense.  DHD on the other hand is limping to the finish line worse than G-Force after that podcast gone wrong.  They literally imploded against GOB sitting Con Nut all three to get smoked 11-4. After that Doc Moose would have put in more practice if there was such a thing.  Here is G Force teeing off in the offseason:

TDYOB (5-5) -5 versus Tattoos and Titties (1-9):  Grudge match!  Waldorf hasn’t been too kind to these cats this year.  Especially Rubbys and Crowbar who takes everything in the lines literally which makes me think she has some sort of brain aneurysm or something.  They also think I’m in bed with TDYOB ringleader Dr. Thunder who Rubbys was seen getting in his face a few weeks back due to some good-natured ribbing.  I guess when you are 1-9 getting heckled just stings a little more.  Gregoppollo will bring his A game they will send emails around all day about how they need this one.  Conductor will concur then Munson will come in and wipe up the floor with them while Farmer and Thunder kick back getting 170s hitting each other in the nuts, psyching and deez nutzing each other on the way to a win.  Here is Thunder and Farmer going shopping.  Farmer has the camera, wow Jon Moon ditched that hat real quick:

Pinny Candy (7-3) -3 versus Lesbowlians (6-5):  The ladies of Bowlians have had an up and down season in their TOTY title defense.  Pinny Candy has been fantastic.  Candy has Hands Wednesday they wrap that up they have the final playoff spot.  Lesbowlians will close out the regular season and in true TOTY fashion and then look to crack some skulls in the early rounds of the playoffs.  Here is Pay Day heading out all giddy after locking up a playoff spot Wednesday night.

Party Mix (8-2) -5 versus Puds Taxi (2-8):  Puds is coming off a groundbreaking season scoring 2 wins which quite possibly could be their most wins in the last 5 years.  Party Mix is one of the worst 8-2 teams in the history of Bowl Portland.  That said they are a huge party squad and it will be fun watching them mix with the eclectic crew of Puds Thursday night.  You know Hakeem and Big Party will be crushing some other bar late night celebrating their historic 9-2 season.  Check out Big Party dancing at Boru after the match:

Classic Big Party!

Friday Night Delight:

TDYOB (5-5) -5 versus Bowled and the Beautiful (1-9):  Waldorf wants to go on record saying how classy B&B has been.  I’ve been killing these guys in the lines all year.  This match was scheduled for 3/22/18 Thunder, Farmer, Munson couldn’t make the match.  B&B could have said go fuck yourself send in the ladies Salad and some sub and we will spank that ass.  Nope they were like we want you guys straight up let’s find a date that works.  After a lot of back and forth Hungus let the match go down Friday night 7 p.m. to put a bow on the BoPo XI regular season.  TDYOB still has a lot to play for as with a couple wins they can get killed in the first round by either BEER, OC, or SKOL.  Any given Thursday.  Another fun us season in the books.  Let’s rally for the playoffs and the PBA and then crush that Bowling Ball in true Bowl Portland style!!!!!  Shit yes!!!!!!!

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