Out of Retirement

Looks like Thunder is too busy with work to do the lines.  Ha, yeah, right.  Anyway, shaking out the creaky old typing fingers to get some late lines out to everyone.


Just The Tips (2-4) -1 vs Spare Ribs (4-2):  Insanal has really reveled in proving the doubters wrong, even if the doubters are just two guys who were drinking and playing car frisbee before throwing up some insults and video clips.  Interestingly the rest of his team is happily oblivious to the lines, and are bowling great.  Dutch rolled a couple 230’s last week, Holden Green is on fire, and their belly-rubbing camraderie is an impressive display of instant team bonding.

Well, Cap’n I, here’s your bulletin board material, I’m picking the Tips.  Iceberg’s crew just put up some monster scores last week, all games over 700.  Seems like a good time to announce Iceberg will be captaining his own BoPo squad in 2019…not sure if they’ll be named Fake Turkey Club or they’ll come up with something new.  Regardless, welcome aboard!

Mo$ MoProblems (5-1) -5 vs The Ex-Presidents (2-4): Speaking of beer bellies, I got to bowl in the all-star game on a killer team, including Mo$ member Railroad.  But wait!  He’s now down to his fighting weight, ready to roll strikes for days.  Viking is an excellent wingman for the trimmed down Railroad, he works up a mean sweat in bowling practice.  Here they are showing off their different fitness regimens.

The Ex-Presidents may have needed some help with their workouts as they have now lost their top bowler Badger to a season ending ankle injury.  I’m going with the MoMos to keep up their sterling record.

BUTTTR (1-5) -3 vs St Hexy’s Hooligans (1-5): Speaking of sterling records…haha, just kidding.  Here we’ve got a battle for the basement, a couple of teams that really need to start putting up 700’s every game and play for the high-average wildcard.  I thought BUTTTR would be a stronger squad.  Jerk is starting to battle back a bit and Spare-O is digging playing with his future TDYOB teammate Farmer, but I think they were doomed from the start when fellow TDYOBer Thunder stole their team name and uniform (and mojo) right out from under them.

They never recovered, classic Thunder mind games.  Hex’s crew has a nice 1-2 punch in Burt and Tilt A Whirl, but like the rest of the sub-500 Draft teams haven’t had solid scores throughout the lineup.  Well, the good news is someone has to win.

EDITORS NOTE: I wrote up the wrong game so I will lazily cut and paste.  I should have stayed retired.  BuTTTR Also (3-3) -1 vs Titty Bang (:  Speaking of Thunder, I’ve been there. You walk into the start of a game only half-tanked so you hatch a lineup strategy, swear to bench yourself, only to have the liquor kick in, just know you’re the best option for game three, then roll a 130something to lose.  I won’t get into the painful details.  I will note that this is a team I had pegged as a top 2 group starting the season, and record aside I think they’ll round into form in time to make a big playoff push.  Brooklyn’s lost about 20 pins to fatherhood…been there, too.

Titty. Buck 300.  So on and so forth.  The best guy to ever lace em up in BoPo continues to pile up bricks.  And they still are 2-4.  How bout those shirts?  Almost impossible to believe a team could have shirts that raunchy and not have Gutterboi on it.

Pamola Strikes (2-4) -3 vs Roll Models (3-3): Speaking of magic, Big Party has somehow guided his crew to a 3-3 record despite having the 23rd best team average in a 24 team league.  He’s leaning on G-Force (as usual) to find a way.  They battle BigParty’s actual role model in Doc Moose tonight, so the whole family struggle thing is real out there on the lanes.  Here’s the whole Moose Pickle Force clan working out the family issues with some creative therapy techniques.

Team Moxie (3-3) -3 vs The Love Boat (2-4): Speaking of working out issues, Diesel has his team name back.  Team Moxie is back and looking to start stacking up wins again. The Rev Lord/Diesel top 2 is one of the best combos going this season and they should be able to handle Jr Hoss and Rick Vaughn.  The Love Boat is heading for a crash unless this is one of those out of nowhere ‘Tron is on!’ nights.  Here’s one of those Tron on a boat nights.

Nice moves, but not enough to win tonight.

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