Snowy Day BoPo Thoughts

So, I’ve always thought of BoPo as 13 parties a winter to wander into.  If you’re a degenerate like me or G Force, you go to the other night’s games and now you’ve got 26 parties to get you through the winter.  Well for whatever reasons walking into BoPo this year hasn’t felt like walking into a party.  I’m having a sweet time with my team, but the whole building doesn’t have the energy of  a party.  Maybe it’s the league aging, maybe it’s too many folks on dry January – and hey, more power to you on your health drive.  Just a couple reminders, though.  The season gets away from you sooner than you think, so enjoy it, and also, weed IS legal.


So lets look at what’s happening on the lanes.  In A the Mutineers (f.k.a.Yahtzee c.k.a. Swinging Richards) appear to be on track to just humiliate everyone in their way.  Last week their worst game was an 803.  They brought in glossy to be their 4th dude.  Deputy is currently Top Dawg.  Sparks has the easiest Captaining job in the league since everyone he rolls will put up a 200.  Sharks are also dominant and have crushed everyone in 2 games but haven’t quite put up the same numbers as the Swingin’ Dicks.  Still, these are the clear 1 and 2 squads.  After that it’s pretty wide open.  XXX Club looks like they’re a bit complacent post-title, but hell why not? Enjoy the season, you’ll be fine come playoff time.  I hear Ripcord’s pretty solid. In Tuesday A only Hazzard is out of their element…it would take a pretty big collapse from an opponent for them to get into the win column this year.  DHD looks like the favorite over in Thursday A having already beaten My Balls and LOS.  It’ll get them a nice seed in the playoffs.  Spare of the Dog and T & T may have wanted to follow B & B and 5 Fingers down to B.  LOS is 1-2 but has the top 2 averages on Thursday including new guy Putt Putt.  Cheese is a veteran who is now content to just enjoy the regular season and make his move in the playoffs.

The B division features a lot of new challengers to the throne.  The defending B Champs Bowl Trolls are still firmly in the mix to defend their crown but it won’t come easy.  On Tuesday, expansion squads Minds in the Gutter and Poultry Ass are off to hot starts and look very comfortable already.  Strikes on Tap lost their highest average (Cleveland) and somehow got better and sit in first place.  Ball That is also undefeated, just a year behind when we thought they’d make their push for a B crown.  The Wrecking Balls and the team they stole Xander from, Splits Happen, both are sitting on big averages as well.  Poor NED, a year removed from an improbable finals loss, are 0-3 despite a solid average.

Thursday B sees Party Mix comfortably 3-0 but admittedly not against the toughest part of their schedule.  ICBING looks like the favorite with B ringer Suave Lefty.  ICBING also making a run at an unprecedented 2nd Team of the Year trophy, already having a Captain pass out in his car before a game and bringing back pitchers of kamikazes.  Step your game up, BoPo!  Oolie is having a rennaisance year for FC Portland and the Oft-Injured Chunk is putting up huge scores for Happy Hands.  Don’t forget last year’s Thursday B champs UREA sitting just off the pace at 2-1, or the former A squad of Bowled and Beautiful sporting a solid team average.  Lots of teams in the mix for the B Cup.

Team of the Year doesn’t get decided this early in the season, but teams definitely announce that they are in the running.  As mentioned, ICBING has given a huge ‘how do you do?’ already.  Strike City has come on strong and Lion’s Den has shown continued strong vibe post-Rick Vaughn.  Tattoos and Titties are usually throwing a party you’d probably like to join.  Even new guys Minds in The Gutter have brought an awesome energy.  Plenty of time to make a name for yourselves left, BoPo.  You want to get on this list.  Teams that compete for the TOTY are what separate BoPo from every other league out there.

That’s all for today, enjoy the snow.  If this was a Tuesday or Thursday you can bet your ass we would have been open.


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